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i keep some dx rocs in the car in the event i get a call on a disc. A couple weeks ago i saw one of my dyed discs flying through the air a couple holes in front of me. I approached the guy and said i think you have my disc, the teebird with the swirly design on it. He says no, so i shot him a look and said i just saw you throw it. He reluctantly gave it up. I explained to him the proper etiquette and said that he just missed out on a free disc.

I returned a champ firebird to a guy and he said to choose any disc in his trunk. I declined and just wanted to shoot a round with him and he was very thankful. we ended up playing every tuesday after that. he taught me soooo much it was worth not getting a free disc.
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I lost a sweet gummy Beast (bright red with rainbow stamp) at Wilco the other day. Went back to where I thought it was and it was gone. No call.

Lost a Champ Cobra and went back to the course to get it. Group of guys were walking off the course so I asked if they happened to find it. They had it sure enough. No call.

Whenever I get one of my discs back I try to give someone a pretty sweet disc in return, and always tell them "THANKS FOR BEING HONEST."

It's funny b/c people will find these "collector" quality discs of mine (with plans on keeping them I reckon), but if they simply had the courtesy to call me they would still get a nice freakin' disc.

I've returned quite a few discs and don't think I've ever gotten anything besides graititude, but also I never wanted anything except for the owner to get it back. Same as when I leave one behind...
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A beat elite z buzzz, usually just a thank you sO much. Sucks losing a disc...

Lost my clear magic in a creek and a local found it and called me... His message was if you want your disc back -call me back and let me kno what kinda reward I'll get for it.

Was hillarious how he woulda kept the disc if I hadnt put "call for $ if found"

Ended up giving him a couple discs for it. He made me happy, and he was happy
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Send a message via AIM to B3NDER

A warm, fuzzy feeling where my heart should be.
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i want my CE valkyrie back...lost it last year in some deep thick brush over a creek, it's not very acccessable, but since it is in a bit of a neighborhood there is no way it wasn't found. Name, number everything on it. I will give someone any other disc i own for that one, or like $20-30. Contemplating going for another walk through the brush to see if it's magically able to be found....

Before i bought my retriever to pull discs out of shallow creeks, i paid a guy $2 every time he pulled my disc out. Worked pretty nice, and saved me from losing discs.
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having a CE valkyrie returned is super unlikely. Like winning the lottery.
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No rewards needed, just gratitude. I returned a CE Firebird and got a thank you very much, it was worth it. I just mailed a first run Scout to a guy in Bend, Oregon. He is sending money just to cover extra expense. Good enough. I found that scout in Norman, OK. He lives in Bend, and he lost it at the gentleman's challenge in Las Vegas. Its a small Disc Golf world.
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What stinks is I have never received a call from a lost disc but I've made a call from right there on the course three times in the last year and was told 1) I'm already out of state, so don't bother 2) Oh cool thanks, I'll call you back when I can come get it-no call back ever and 3) no answer, no returned call to my message.

I'll continue to call and attempt at returning discs but each time I get a lame response and no attempt to get it I wish I hadn't even wasted the effort.
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Originally Posted by Terry C View Post
Ive lost probly 50-60 discs in the last 15 years. Ive only had 1 returned, the guy who found it knew me or I would have never gotten it back. I think by doing selfless deads you get good karma but I may be one of the few in Michigan who believe this...Almost nobody returns discs. I would definitely reward someone for returning a disc if they did though...

^ Word!

I have lost dozens if not hundreds of discs throught he years and have only had 2 returned, both when I lived in NC. One of them I met the guy on the course in which I lost it and we played a round. The other, the guy mailed it to me.

I have returned prolly a dozen discs and the only non-karmic reward I got was a guy gave me $10 for gas since we met a lot closer to his hounse than mine or the park In which I found it. Most of the time, I never se the person as I have taken to dropping them of a the local shop and I call the owner and tell them where it is. Since I know the owners of the shop, they are cool with that.
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Best reward i have got was $5 Im still offering ATLEAST $30 paypal or cash to anyone who finds my nightshift orc at RENNI on hole 2.
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