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Originally Posted by JReynolds View Post
I returned a CE teebird, that was perfectly seasoned and been in the guys bag for over a decade. In return he insisted that I take the BRAND NEW CE teebird he brought. He said it was a fair trade, CE for CE. I was blown away... he knew the value, but told me he bought it off the shelf for $11 and his disc was worth that. That's a moment I'll never forget
holy crap, that is awesome right there. i have returned a few discs and usually turn down rewards.
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Originally Posted by Terry C View Post
having a CE valkyrie returned is super unlikely. Like winning the lottery.
It certainly is. I lost a nearly mint 2nd run CE Valkyrie probably a week after I started throwing it (and this was back when they were new, 2001ish). Fast forward six years, and I get an email from a guy who runs a lost and found for his local courses saying that it had turned up. I was surprised after that long that my name and email hadn't been removed, and I figured it must be wrecked beyond usefulness to be in a lost and found box and not on Ebay. When it got back to me, I couldn't believe its condition...still nearly mint. No other names on it and hardly any sign of wear or use of any kind. Clearly, it had to have sat in that bush where I lost it forever, and whoever found it had no idea what they had in their hands, or they are the most honest soul in the game. Either way, it felt like hitting the lottery to get it back.

I've never taken or even been offered rewards for returning found discs, but I have paid them. I once lost a fairly important disc for which I had no replacement at the time, and it was right before a big tournament. Someone found it a couple days later and contacted me. I wasn't able to meet up with him (he lived an hour away from me) and I wanted the disc back by the weekend, so I gave him my address and he shipped it to me. I took the pizza box he sent my disc in, popped a brand new white SE TL (back when those were in huge demand) into it along with a check to cover the shipping cost, and sent it back to him. He called me and insisted that I'd done too much and he couldn't accept. I finally talked him into keeping it saying it was the least I could do.

Interesting post-script to that story is that maybe a year later, I'm playing a round and find a white SE TL in the scrub. I look at the name on it and wouldn't you know, it was the name of the guy I'd sent the TL to, and this was the same disc. There was no email or phone number on the disc, so good for this guy that I found it since I still had his mailing address. I dropped it in the mail to him the next day with a note that said "Really, I don't want this disc, it's yours, stop trying to give it back."
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Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
"Really, I don't want this disc, it's yours, stop trying to give it back."

Very cool
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I have not lost one yet. I've come pretty close, but I'm rather persistent. The only one that I left the course without because it got too dark I found immediately when I went back the next morning. I had not thought about whether I would offer a reward or not, so this thread is making me think.

I have found one disc with name and #. I was new then, had not found one before, it was near a basket, and on a course with really bad cell phone signal, so I made sure it was in plain sight and left it. Since then I have found 5 others. Only one had ink, only a signature, and it was illegible. (If your going to ink it, try to make sure it is legible! ) There are no lost and founds around here that I know of, so the discs have been given away or kept as extras.
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Most of the time I tell the person to keep the disc because I don't feel like driving 25 min out and 25 min back just to recover a used disc I paid $13 for. With the wasted time and fuel costs I could have bought 1.5 brand new discs if I just worked for those 50 minutes and I think it's a nice gesture to give someone the disc for free when they were nice enough to try and get it back to me.

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What I dislike,is when your disc gets found and the guy wants, or demands,a reward before returning. I just tell them to keep it. How can someone expect a reward for doing the right thing? If I get a disc returned I try to give them something for their troubles,but would never expect it if I returned a disc,a simple thank you is all I would expect.
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Nothing. I've never asked for or expected one, but I'm surprised it's never been offered considering I return a lot of discs (well over 100 if you count the 50+ I found at once after a rain storm). For a while I was offering a reward on the back of my favorite discs, but very few of them were returned and the one guy that called me with one refused to take a reward and just left it at the front desk of the course he found it on.
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The most I have ever gotten for returning a disc is $10. I didn't expect, or insist on a reward, but the guy was persistent and even wrote me a letter explaining how he had lost this disc and what it meant to be returned. I have returned probably 25 + discs, and lost my fair share as well. I have only been contacted once about one of my lost discs, and I paid it forward and sent the kid $10 for his troubles. That driver meant more to me than the ten spot so its the least I could do.
Just last week I returned 4 discs to a local player that has been overseas for some time. He tried to give me something in return and I told him I was OK and didn't need anything. I just wanted some good dg karma.
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The most I have received is $5 for returning a disc, I have returned many and never asked for anything so it was a nice gesture.

The most I have ever given is $20 as it was my favorite disc (beat 11x TeeBird) And I was so happy the kid (yes, 11 year old kid) would give it back.
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I found a disc at the Arboretum in Canton. I called the # and the dude said he was heading to work at the Thirsty Dog and if I wanted to stop by and drop it off he would give me free beer. I would have just given it to him but I couldn't say no to free beer.
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