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Default Throwing uphill

Hey all DGCR's looking for a bit of help on this one. I am a pretty good player 940 rated but I am having a tough time right now with my form I guess. When I throw uphill I most always throw sidearm because I throw my backhands right into the ground. But I have major tendinitis problems developing in my elbow from throwing sidearm and I am generally only good for about 20 sidearm big drives or throws in a day anymore. I am trying to figure out how to throw farther uphill. I have no idea how to fix this problem and I have tried throwing lighter plastic, and standstill, whatever I can. But it keeps biting me in tourneys that I can't throw sidearms the last day or round of the tourney bc it feels like my arm is going to fall off. Help would be appreciated.
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try more understable-type discs - roadrunner, vision, avenger ss, etc.

if you are rhbh, try doing your run-up from right to left on the tee and leaning back a bit. almost like throwing a bh roller but not quite that extreme. the key to throwing well uphill is getting the body in the right position.
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To throw uphill you really need to concentrate on throwing nose down. As for disc selection I go a little understable, a beat Star Wraith works for me(at least for long drives.)
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The two biggest things have already been listed. You really need to learn how to throw up, while throwing nose down. The other is throwing more understable discs. You should be able to throw a hyzerflip for a long S curve up-hill.
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Lil Flippy Discs are best way for uphill when throw right.
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i need help putting up hill any advice
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Originally Posted by dmbrun2 View Post
i need help putting up hill any advice
If your in the mtns of NC many times I have found it to be easier to pull off a slight tomahawk putt than just the normal BH. But if it is just a slight incline you need a dart! Or maybe try focusing on a link about mid-way up the basket instead of picking out that one link 3'' above the cage like normal
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It's easier to throw hyzer and anhyzers nose down and high, if that helps. If it's shorter and steep then spike hyzers can work well, too. It's easy to throw a spike hyzer high so it's easy to focus more on altitude than forward distance while still being accurate.
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Direction from Pro's that I have received for putting up hill. Put through the chains up to where the band meets the pole...like you are trying to put it out the top of the band. Obviously a common mistake when putting uphill is to hit the basket. Putt hard, nose up to the top of the chains. Opposite downhill... Putt to the basket.
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As far as the arm hurting from throwing sidearm, it's likely a form issue.

Other guys around here can trouble shoot that better than I can, but for me I try to keep my sidearm form smooth, I try to involve body linkage as much as possible and I'm always sure to follow through instead of stopping my arm.

My buddy gets sidearm pain and it's because he stops his arm via his elbow suddenly when the disc ejects from his hand, instead of keeping the elbow moving through with the snap of the wrist/hand ejecting the disc.
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