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it's a lot better than work
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Originally Posted by simpletwist View Post
Silly debate. The best thing anyone can do to improve scores is improve putting.

Throw it accurately 400 feet and miss a 20 foot putt. Maybe miss the 15 footer coming back. Hmmm...

Drive for show, putt for dough.

End thread.
Try it.
The point of this thread was for people to go out and see what actually is costing them strokes on the course. Play a round and for every hole you don't score what you think you should make a note of what cost you the stroke or strokes.
I always heard people say the drive for show putt for dough thing, which is stolen from ball golf, and I don't buy it.
I assume there are actually people on here that play disc golf and not just talk about it. For those that play, during your next round make a note of what deficiency in your game cost you strokes each hole. Then come back here and tell us what you found. Keep in mind it doesn't have to be birdie it could be what caused you to get the bogey or double bogey. I would be very surprised if accuracy off the tee was not number one by far. The last round I kept track of was:
Putting 1
Distance 2
Accuracy off the Tee 10

Also It shouldn't be a debate at all go test your hypothesis.
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For me it's putting all day everyday.

I'm not the longest thrower but I got plenty of accuracy and shots in my bag. When I have a lousy day it's because my putts ain't falling.
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For me, it's the approach shot, which for some of you might be termed a putt. Most of the courses I play are chock full o par 3s, and the second shot makes or breaks par for me.
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Good thread. Since there are three main parts of game: driving, approaches and putting. Logically on par 3 holes, excellent driving results in makeable birdies so approaches are used when a drive is not optimal as well on par 4 or higher holes.

Agree about importance of accuracy first then distance for driving. I remember clearly watching a group of Open players, one of them is 1035 rated player (JohnE McCray) and other three are like around 980 to 990 rated players. The biggest difference between JohnE and the other three (they all can throw pretty far) is that JohnE keeps hitting the lines (very good aiming/control) while others are not consistent. It is true that JohnE also have better putting game but the big key is hitting the lines consistenly.

In analysis of my game, my overall PDGA rating is 920 and in breaking down into three parts, I would say that my putting game is around maybe 960 or so and my approaches are perhaps 940's and my driving is perhaps around 910 or under. I can only drive up to around 280-300 feet with max power (with Volt/PD drivers) but the problem with max power is that I lose control/consistency so I have to throw around 80% power to get better control/consistency but my drives would end up around 250-270 feet.

So in my case, major boost to my game would be extra driving distance (say extra 50-75 feet or so) while maintaining 80% power (thus still have good control/consistency). I now play at Turkey Lake in Orlando on daily basis and I would love to break course record but I will have to have extra distance in driving because from the blue (long) pad on T2 course, most par 3 holes are over 300 feet (and quite tight with trees).

I knew I am capable of driving Volt/PD drivers at least 350+ consistently with 80% power but I still have not found the right timing/coordination/snap to make it happen. I still try to do self-teaching but still not effective yet, so I'll would be happy to pay someone good money to help me achieve my goal in driving!
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You can minimize damage from an errant drive by hitting the upshot.How can you make up a missed putt?
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PhattD: Agreed about accuracy off the Tee, esp in semi-tight/tight fairways. The problem with me is when I try to push harder, then my accuracy suffers. In today's round at Turkey Lake T2 from long (blue) pad, I had more off-aim drives than approaches (only two approaches I screwed up) and I missed only 1 or 2 makeable putts. It is more mental thing in driving when I am thinking of trying harder and it screw up the release a bit. Even I drive pretty good, the aiming is bit off and hit those tree branches. Need to focus on aiming, hitting the lines and good placement more consistently.
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My opinion: the most important part of the game is the part inside your head.
I see a lot of players who just get in their own way. There's a lot to be gained with a good mental game.

What's been working well for me lately is to just relax, have fun, play comfortable. Make the shots I know and avoid the big mistakes.
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I can drive around 400' on good days. I have been practicing putting at home a lot, and I've gotten to be around 75-80% in the circle on normal days.

If my dad and I are playing the same 350' relatively open hole, I have the advantage.(my dad throws 300' max) His putting is killer, but if he leaves himself anywhere from 50-75' away from the basket while throwing a blizzard disc, his chances of deucing the hole are slim compared to mine. I'll throw a mid or a fairway at the hole on a much more controlled shot. which allows me to not put as much effort into my shot and keep accuracy up.

Fairways and mids are much more controllable discs than the warp speed drivers. On the majority of holes under 350', which is a large portion of holes, a person with 500' distance is going to throw a mid or fairway on a controlled shot, focusing on accuracy. Whereas the person with 300' distance is trying to at least get pin high or as close as they can to pin high.

I say distance is more important, if it is accurate or controlled distance.
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Originally Posted by Okie-J View Post

Spreadsheets = no fun.
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