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Default When how often hyzer flip

Ok, been playing about year and a half 54 yo, throw most discs +- 300'. Question has to do with more and more my discs are starting to turn over probably combination of better arm and more beat disc, or little wind starts turning them much more than they used to. Discs i'm talking about would be Star sl, z flash, z surge and others. My question is does the hyzer flip become just part of more of your throws? Or do you just stsart going more and more overstable? Have just started using that shot and it does do some interesting things to the disc.
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Try new versions of the discs you already throw. If they still flip over on you, then yes, it's either time for more overstable plastic, heavier discs, or learning to hyzer-flip.
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i never hyzer flip
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Hyzer flip whenever possible. It's actually more accurate than trying to throw a "straight" disc on a level plane. There's more room for error. It's harder for a disc to go past flat, to flipping over; than it is for a disc to start out on a slight anhyzer or flat, and keeps flipping over to where you don't want it to go.

JBowdown explained it really well to me a year or so back. Most pros throw hyzerflips for the majority of their shots.
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If you get a new Star SL (max weight) and it's still turning way over, that sounds more like OAT. Either that, or your arm speed is increasing, but you're not getting the proper amount of spin on the disc. I noticed when I started getting better spin on my discs, some of them were flying straighter as opposed to turning over.

I throw 320'-330' and my somewhat beat Star SL flies very straight. The only discs I hyzer flip are understables ones (Kite, Stingray) that I don't want to fade much at the end. Sure, you can hyzer flip if you want, but not all of your discs should be turning over.
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I've been working the past few months on throwing everything with hyzer (unless I absolutely need Anhyzer). And as stated above hyzer flipping is the easiest way to go straight and my game has improved a lot thanks to my new philosophy. A few degrees up or down when you're throwing hyzer is no big deal... A few degrees up or down when you're trying to throw perfectly flat can be a big deal.
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My main is a year old Star Archon that has been turning on me non stop, Ill have to switch to a new champion to see if that does the trick.
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I'm a RHBH player. I will intentionally hyzer flip putters, mids and drivers. For me it depends on the shape of the hole or line I'm trying to hit.

As far as distance driving and hyzer flipping. I'm just re-discovering it. I lost control of my 150g Valkyries and was flipping them into rollers... and into lost discs. I got away from flipping distance drivers almost totally for a while. I'd occasionally use a Dragon when I absolutely had to flip a disc. I still use it some, but really have to be careful to not over throw it (or bad form it).

I normally throw a 150g QOLF as my primary distance driver. I don't flip it. I've been maxing out at 325' with it for a couple years, but never gained any distance. So in the ongoing quest for distance, I recently purchased a Wahoo and absolutely love it. I know... many people have said that the plastic won't last. But it's a disc that I'll only throw when I need to go beyond 325'. It added an instant 40-50' to my drives. So it basically going to be used on open, grassy fairways, anyway. So I'm not too concerned about it breaking in to uselesness overninght.

I don't know if any of this helped. But hyzer flipping is a very important part of my game.
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I put at least a touch of hyzer on almost every throw I make for reasons stated above.
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Learn to hyzer flip, you will thank yourself, much more controllable
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