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Default What is the worst shot you've ever thrown?

I'm sure everyone on this forum aces every hole so maybe this is a stupid topic however I was wondering what the worst stroke you have ever made is. It can be a casual round or something more serious. Feel free to include a course and hole number.

I'll start off with a forehand roller attempt I had tried while my opto XXX was still wet. It went about 10 feet in front of me before hitting a tree trunk and proceeding to roll very quickly BACKWARDS past the teebox and about 40 feet down a hill behind me.
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I had about a ten foot putt in a playoff for my first Am 1 win. I choked and hit the cage. Lost on the next hole.

I've had plenty of drives that as soon as they leave my hand I just stop and say "what in the world was that??" But none that really stick out.

I've witnessed a few bad ones too:

Saw a guy going through practice motions on the tee when the disc slipped out and went into the woods behind him. He counted the stroke and took an additional penalty stroke to retee.

Another one was a girl that griplocked so bad that she threw the disc straight backwards off the tee. There was an OB parking lot right behind, but luckily she hit a fence board to keep it in.
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I was playing a best/worst shot dubs tourney in 50 mph winds and bigger gusts. Dude tried to throw a giant spike hyzer and it ended up about 200' behind the tee.
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I've thrown it behind me once and a couple times jump putted directly 90 degrees from my hand.

This sport gives you plenty of opportunities to mess up!
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This shot is a great example of why you stand behind the player currently about to throw. I was playing a casual round with a few buddies and my girlfriend. When we play casual, it's very casual. My girlfriend was shooting an approach shot on a long, tough par 5 at my local course. The fairway is about ~30 ft wide with woods on the right and a creek on the left. I know she was trying to avoid fading it to the left and into the creek when she released (w/ a bit of griplock) late and the disc just drilled one of our buddies who was standing ahead and to the right...right in his upper abdomen. Ouch! After we made sure he was ok, we all had a good laugh.
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Griplock!!!! Hole 4 teepd to Hole 8 Basket. Must have been the gravitational forces from the wormhole.
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Wow, suddenly my worst of late doesn't seem so bad. Played a hole with a tight fairway with trees right off the tee. One of the very first trees is about 8' off the tee and about 2.5' into the "fairishway" directly in front of the tee. Early release on throw resulted in nailing the first tree dead on. Disc hit the tree, hit the deck and rolled back to the tee, stopping 2 feet short of the tee. Total net on drive....two feet.

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Worst shot I've ever thrown was my first ever throw. My friend let me borrow his wife's favorite Leopard, and I ended up tossing it 150ft. to the left over a fence onto a roof, and the people weren't home to get it down. Ended up just paying him for the disc.
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On a 212' hole with some trees at the start... Drive nailed a branch about midway down the fairway, upshot landed 4 feet from the pole. Rushed my putt and basically grip locked a 4 foot putt, hit the chains on the right and pushed out. I took a 4 and none of my throws were longer than about 100 feet. Worst 4 I've taken.
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Crooked Creek #4. I hit a tree off the tee. Disc fell, rolled backwards to behind tee, on onto O.B. walkway. I was so dismayed I played it where it went O.B., instead of re-teeing.

Stoney Hill #11. In a casual round, saw someone fanning the tee with his disc to clear leaves when disc slipped from his hand and went straight left, into creek that runs along fairway.

Stoney Hill #16-Diamond. Saw someone throw his beloved Comet into the pond, which isn't that hard. He got mad and spiked his metal mini, which took a hop and a roll and went into pond as well. Not sure how that fits into this thread, but I always love remembering it.
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