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Old 11-16-2012, 06:04 PM
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I scope the lanes out, pick a gap, visualize the flight path, NEVER tell or think to myself what not to do, and throw. At first, I tried concentrating on what trees not hit. That almost always resulted in me hitting that exact tree. So I switched to the gap to hit, and it has worked. Because of that, I might be able to move up from the squirrel hunting division.
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I visualize where I want the disc to go, and I line my body up to the point where I know my release will put the disc on that line. A full reachback, I have the disc, arm, and shoulder all in line with where I want the disc to go. I don't ever (conciously) get my eyes back on the line until after the disc is on its way. I know where the disc is going right as it rips from my hand at the hit. I just wish I was consistent enough to always have everything go how I plan it to.

Here is a pic of me at reachback
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I find the line I want on the tee. During my "run up" which is more of a walk up I look at my intended route for as long as I can before my rotation. Then in my mind I visualize the path through my throw. Usually does the trick until I grip lock.
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Originally Posted by 811rv View Post
Ken Climo once said that when he goes into reach back, he still keep target in sight via corner of his eye. I could not do that at full reach back so I rely on mental image of visual target.
I think nobody does that on a full drive.
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I close my eyes and use The Force.

Kidding aside, for tee shots and long fairway shots: before I throw, I focus on a target to throw at, and visualize the line I want to take, and kind of let that image burn into my head for a second ot two before I throw. Even though I look away as I go through my run-up, I mentally focus on that target, and may only actually look at it again pretty much on release. In reality, my release is pretty much instinctual.

For upshots, I find if I think too much, it screws me up. I pretty much just whip out my Challenger and throw, and typically get pretty good results. I'm not that great a player, but with all honesty, I'd have to say my upshots are better than most players I see.
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Old 11-18-2012, 10:34 AM
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Thanks for all of the input everybody. it definately seems that the consesis is also what I've been trying. Visualize your line, walk thru/practice swing, and throw/release based on mental image and where you are in physical space. My local course wooded and narrow, all about hitting the gaps. The hole that brought this to mind is a 220' tree lined meat hook, blind basket[from the teebox]. It's a hard hyzer with no room on the outside and the inside trees start about 15' off the box, straight ahead. I've tried useing a mark down range on the outside of the lane but always go to wide, I now find myself "aiming" at the inside edge of the trees straight in front of me. This is a tough concept to practice, typically in practice fields you not trying to hit a 2'-4' gap 15' from release. At least I'm on the right page and just need to dial in the mental and physical connections
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I visualize the line and when I go into my X-step and reach back my eyes go totally out of focus. I don't try to see again until after I release my disc and it usually seems to work out pretty good.

What screws me up royally is when my eyes focus on something when I'm doing my reach back - then I can almost guarantee a shank of some sort.
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I visualize the line, then find a point on that line <50' off the tee and focus on throwing over that point, much the way you would use the marks on a bowling lane.
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I don't do too much aiming on open holes. If I need to hit a gap though, I'm looking for an object beyond that gap that I'm aiming at.
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I try to focus on the spot I want the disc movement to start...For example aiming at a tree that I'm planning to fade off, then visualize the shot coming off and then throw with confidence (Or at least throw with hope lol)
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