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There was a course at the college I attended and the off campus bookstore carried discs so I bought one and started the addiction...
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when i moved to VB, my friend who was already living here had been introduced to it by his co-workers.
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In high school, I had ambitions of one day being a teacher, so I worked summers at the Goshen (Indiana) Parks and Recreation Department as a neighborhood playground leader. One of the many games our leader encouraged us to play was your old school object Frisbee golf, and he mentioned that a brand new "real Disc Golf course" was just built at one of our county parks...Oxbow Park...in June of 1989.

So I set out to try it with my Wham-O 165 Frisbee. It was insane! Triple doglegs in the woods with head-high thorns, a river, etc. But it was novel so I kept going out. Eventually, I ran into a gentleman named Jim Ingold (who joined the PDGA in 1977!), the designer of the course, and he gave me my first real Disc...a Stingray. I figured out how to throw a little flick forehand and made it go straight ahead for about 200' or so, and I was hooked.

I didn't play regularly, though, because there weren't many people playing and I never really saw people who knew what they were doing...until moving to East Lansing in 1995 and running into all the action going on at Grand Woods Park. They had the Capital City Renegades and tournaments, and it was there where I saw pros play and really got the bug myself. And then I tried Hudson Mills in 1996...
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Played an object course a cpl times with some friends when I was 12. Then didn't play again for some reason. Fast forward 44 yrs and I'm driving past Sugaw park in Charlotte with my wife and we some people playing. Bought discs the next day and have been hooked since, in spite of the guy at the disc store telling us that Renny was a good course to learn on, lol.
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A buddy of mine kept bugging me to come along and after a while I went with him. Never knew anything about it and the course wasn't too far out of the way. That's when I learned just how bad I sucked at the game, 50 feet was the max I could throw and we didn't even try to keep score. I was hooked on it and after hours of practice before we met again the next weekend I was atleast able to throw 150 feet to keep up. Went down and got a beginner's set and just kept practicing in a field near by and after a while I was able to play a decent round. Only four months into it and now it's more about finding people to play then anything for me to enjoy a round.
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Default a great form of rehab

I tore my right MCL in January 2012 while playing hockey. It healed fairly quick while immobilised, but felt like it was going to tear if I bent my leg. I actually thought I needed surgery. I did some research, and found that 99% of MCL injuries don't need surgery, just painfully intense rehab. I worked on bending and stretching as much as I could at home but didn't seem to be gaining much flexibility or strength back. I'm not sure this would have worked so well, had I not been naturally a rhfh thrower, rhbh would have been too much for the knee.
One of my friends started throwing in 2011, and while talking to him one day, he asked what I thought about trying disc golf for rehab. It sounded like a great idea, stretching and bending while having some fun. We threw the first time at the beginning of April, and made it a routine to get together and throw as much as possible. It was incredible how the walking up and down hills etc, helped get my knee back to near perfect shape. By Memorial Day it was feeling pretty good.
On our 4th weekend out, I found a star TL (no markings), and the next day found a star Sidewinder, and an ESP Flash. Up until this point, I was having fun throwing, but since I was using loaned discs, I wasn't hooked. Well, I have found 35 discs since, 6 marked and returned ,24 traded and 5 still in my bag. I have 303 rounds in, at 51 courses, and can't get discing out of my head. I love this game!
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I was cooped up in my dad's motorhome. Economy sucked but I had a steady job. I saw that the City park had some disc golf parks. Decided to buy some discs and throw to get outta the house. I had golf clubs but green fees were too high.

Fun and now I am a plastic buying dude.
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I was visiting my parents in my home(ish) town, London Ontario this past January. some good friends of mine took me (got me to drive them) to the local course. I thought the game sounded like some sort of gimmick and was reluctant at first but I was hooked by the second teepad. I couldn't throw worth a damn with the pro boss that they lent me but i still had a blast. I did some internet research and learned a bit about the sport, and then the day that I got in to Vancouver I went shopping. I went straight to the store after dropping my suitcase off at home base, and then headed to the closest course. I've been hooked ever since. I played an average of 30 hours a week this summer on top of working 45+ hours a week. can't get enough.
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My friend and I were browsing a sporting goods store and out in a little corner sat a tiny Innova kiosk. The disc I laid eyes on first was a Dx Valkryie and was sold instantly and almost strictly on the picture of the disc. Any disc with this on it is obviously awesome.
I played and that thought was justly confirmed.
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When I was a kid, we played safari object disc golf around the apt complex. I always had a blast. In highschool there was a disc golf course nearby, and started playing with ultimate discs. In 2005 after several moves, I found out about real discs and have been hooked ever since.
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