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and then another time... haha. i was playing at my home course leagues. we are all good friends that play in the weekly league and the group ahead of my card was watching me drive on the 2nd hole and its a lil downhill. i throw my shot and it goes right for them. me and my card didnt say 4 cuz they all were watching me throw. my drive ends up hitting my friends girl friend in the thigh (i flicked a firebird and it was movin pretty fast, it woulda went deep if it didnt hit her) it hit her in the tight and bounced right at the backet. it so happens that we had a 14 dollar ctp on that hole and i got the CTP! the girl had a huge ugly looking bruise on her leg for about a week and a half
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I was playing @ Bryant Lake on hole 17.

A group of 1-disc wonders had lost their discs in the tall grass to the left of the fairway and wave us on. As I approach my drive I get hit in the back of the head by one of the guys that waved us on. They never mentioned that they were going to throw in on us as we passed their group, never called out a warning after he threw. I turned around and put my hands up like, "WTF?" and told him to warn people when they are throwing in. The guy basically ignored me and was smiling / joking with the other guys in his group.

Then at the next tee he's talking to his buddy behind us while we are throwing and he's like, "That would have been a sweet throw if that guy wasn't in the way. Just my luck."
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My brother hit a kid in the ankle...

My brother was like "Should I wait? Yell at him to move? Yell fore?" I screamed at the kid told him to move cause he was in the creek in between the teepad and basket. He took notice of the situation, kept playing in the water.... Screamed again and he walked up the river some, getting in the way more than he was. I told my brother to put the shot high just clear the creek and lay up. Of course he does exactly the opposite due to pressure of placing the shot where he needs to, skips it into the back of the kids ankle :/ I felt terrible. He went to check on the kid, I picked up the discs, we walked over to his mom and apologized and what not.
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My dad hit me over my right eye with a star gator luckily it wasn't to bad.

A few Christmases ago I got my dad two discs for a gift so we went out to Winton Woods that morning so he could try them out. There was a guy from the Cincinnati Enquirer there and asked us if he could snap a pic or two for the paper. He gets out about 50 feet from the tee pad and I proceed to hit him right in the chest with my disc. I felt so bad and apologized about 100 times but needless to say I didn't make the paper but my dad did.
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I hit a small child it its mom's arm with my CE Valkyrie, 2nd run...ridiculously sharp edge....thrown as hard as could (around a turn to the right) would have been a great toss if they wouldn't have been in the way. One of the loudest screams i've heard....caught the kid right in their upper arm. They were probably 100' away, so my 400'+ toss still had plenty of power on it when it hit them.....still remember that like it was yesterday, and it was probably 9 yrs ago?
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I lost a favorite disc during a warm up round before a PDGA tournament. At the players meeting some guy walked up and gave me my disc he had found.

During the first round of that tournament I hit a tree about 60' off the tee. It shot left about 100' and hit the guy who found my disc in the back of the head.

What a way to say thanks.
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Recently - my buddy was teeing off on a blind hole, #14 at Johnson Rd park in Germantown, TN (no pic, guess I need to go back out there with my camera). It is a blind dogleg right, so the group usually stands directly to the left of the teebox (which consequently puts you closer to #13's fairway).

He has a killer drive, high swooping anny, it looks like it is on the perfect line and yea, it is definitely heading for the chains. I 'feel' something in my peripheral.. his disc hits dead center chains, ACE!!!! at the exact same moment, my buddy gets drilled in the stomach with a Champ Beast from the tee on #13.

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Yesterday at our Bag Tag Challenge, I decided to throw my 3s wizard for the ace pool throw off. The pin was about 150 ft out. I threw a slight hyzer. As I did, our club president's 5 year old son decided to run passed the basket. I yelled several times "hey kid watch out". He was not listening or was in his own 5 yearold dream world. Pegged the kid right in the ribs. The kid shrugged it off and ran away. Funniest thing that I have seen yet in disc golf. As I was walking to say sorry to the dad and kid, one of the members gave me a buck because he couldn't stop laughing.

I feel bad.... but I don't.
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my friend got nailed from a few feet away by another friend at waterworks in KC. i heard it and thought my friend had just hit a tree. then i see my other friend on the ground.

don't ask.

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I got hit in the back of the head at hole 1 of Hawk Hollow and it gave me a concussion. A few years later, I had a serious heat stroke at the course.

I still hold the course record for near death experiences at 2.
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