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I've been whacked several times. Caught an old ROC, from about 100 ft., right in the midde of my chest. With my head turned. Never saw it coming. Ouch! Been dinged a couple other times; arms and legs, even in the head. No blood to date. They ALL hurt. My 11 yr old son caught one under his eye from about 150 ft. 'cause some d.b. couldn't ask him to move, or yell fore, until the disc was bearing down on him like a laser beam. Took 6 stiches to close. The kid never cried! Bravest thing I've ever seen.
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Hit a friend in the arm who wouldn't move out of my way. That was a day after I walked behind a basket and he hit me in the eye hole with his putter. Revenge. The other day I almost hit a family who were loitering around in the middle of a fairway for 10+ minutes taking pictures and generally being morons. We finally just yelled fore and threw our drives. My buddies was nowhere close but I threw a champ teebird right at them and it faded out in between three of them barely missing them all. I would've felt a little bad if I had hit one of the kids but that maybe would've taught one family that a park is a shared place and your fifth roll of family pictures in one spot might be excessive when others are waiting to enjoy the park amenities also.
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There was this disc golfer who got mixed up in drugs and other bad things. He was thrown out of his house and began to live in the sewer pipe at the course. Things started to disappear and one day a fight broke out with a player. He was whacked upside the head a few times with an XClone. He folded like a cheap lawn chair.
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Brought a group of brand new players out to introduce them to the game. My brother in law, hyperactive johnny cotton socks, was amongst them. All my buddies have played games and sports and had a pretty good grip on etiquette. Not Johnny Cotton Socks, he kept throwing and running up to his disc in front of all the rest of the group. Dozen or so warnings later, he was called in play. Ended up catching a Challenger between the eyes at the basket. Not too hard, left a small gash. His work ID picture still bears the mark to the great enjoyment of many of us today. Did he learn, no new tricks for this dog, still have to yell at him to wait.
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I just discovered dg and was out play my first round. My lil cousin was tagging along and wanted to give it a try. I was standing off to the side of him, he throws, and nails me right in the cheek bone. It hurt like hell. Made a bruse and lucky no blood was drawn. It hurt for a few days.
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Took a shinner by a buddy's flick, 175 Katana right to the front of my shin.. Had a bump for about a week.
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Hole 1 at Schenley in Pittsburgh always has people around it, laying out, enjoying the view, metal detecting, etc. Well there is a sign that says something along the lines of "Beware of flying discs" and next to that sign, is a shirtless guy in his 50s in a lawn chair. We yell at him from the tee, people past him are looking at us and so we know he can hear us but he blatantly just ignores us. So we said F it, and I throw first, he sees it but doesn't look at us (parked it too). My buddy throws low and we yell Fore! and Heads up! and it hits the ground behind the guy, skips under the chair and hits the back of his calf. Dude gets up and acts like he's going to fight us because he's waving his arms (silently, it was weird) and then he just turns around, grabs his lawn chair and storms 50 feet to another spot further from the hole. We found it funny as hell lol. The only other living thing I've seen hit was when I tagged a squirrel's tail at the same course, wasn't a hard throw and the squirrel was ok
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I've shared this story before, so here's the short version.

I once had a disc bounce off of the top of my head. I was bending down to tie my shoes and as I stood up it bounced off of my head. I didn't get hurt, thankfully.
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i have had several come close to enough to shave me but have yet to get hit or hit anyone else for that matter.. saw a buddy get hit in the head with a star teerex on a spike hyzer.. dude went to a knee in a hurry.. didnt get a fore or anything :/
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This thread has to already exist, because I know I've told the story of hitting a dude in the back of the head at Pier in Oregon at least twice. I'm not telling it a third time. Take the info I just told you and fill in the blanks yourself. If you add in zombies and a nuclear apocalypse it will make the story that much more interesting.

I haven't been hit yet, but I've had a Wraith whiz by my head before.
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