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The root-beer brown one on eBay sold for $112.50! Hype-city!
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Originally Posted by emiller3 View Post
I cracked my nice stiff 11x KC Pro Roc when I threw it into a tree. It was barely used and the tree was a good ways down the fairway. And it wasn't even cold outside.

So, are the star stamps any different from the AOs? Judging by how they look and what people are saying, they seem like they're the same run. I'd still like to get my hands on one.
Sounds suspiciously familiar to my experience. I just got done replying to Innova about the incident. They did ask where and when I purchased it so maybe I'll get a replacement from them. I bought a couple R3's, and had all intentions of throwing them until DiscChainBasket18 said they were going for ridiculous cash. I had the same problem with an anvil once.
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I'll wait for the regular stamp ones to hit the shelves to try one out....
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Originally Posted by E3D4523 View Post
Why are these not coming flat? Seems like the demand is for flat ones and innova just keeps producing inconsistent runs. I have been seeing this more on the forums about there inconsistent quality. Are we expecting to much from them? Seems like when a new run comes out they try to get it in a box and out the door. Is there an inspection before these disc ship?
I agree. I personally am not a big Roc thrower nor in the market for these limited runs, but it is frustrating how Innova even claimed that the Roc3 would be flatter and then this varying degrees of domyness comes out. Good businesses should always keep the interest of the customer in mind...guess Innova isn't getting the message and just throwing whatever poo out the door that comes off the line.
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There's no way you could call the AO's or the proto's "domey".

But a few were board-flat and some were a little less flat.
The difference probably isn't noticeable to most people.

OTOH, all the PM RC3's I saw were indeed board-flat, like a table top.
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DiscJunkie: I trust your judgment on the ones you saw, but I went through all 50 that arrived in Memphis for a seller here and about 7 were flat. Around 20 had a mild dome, and 23 were literally domey.

In my opinion, if the mold was supposed to be flat, they should x-out any that are domey. It's not what was advertised.

I bought three domey ones. I like the dome. But, I don't understand how they can justify this.
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Someone would be out of their mind think innova is going to deliver a consistent mold no matter what they advertise. Your best off finding a shop somewhere that's selling them, then actually go and feel the discs before you buy.. and even then you might not find 2 that are the same. Never buy innova online that's for sure.

They produce more than they can keep quality control for.

I got tired of buying the good old Innova plastic that used to be consistent for $30-60 a disc when i can just switch to a new company that has superior consistency and the most precise molding hardware in the industry with discs that are just as good if not better... seems like a no brainer to me.

No manufacturer is perfect, but i try to vote with my wallet to keep competitive standards alive.
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My favorite part "it is not noticeable to most people." Well thats great, most people. How about the ones throwing them. My J/O rocs range from 2.50-3.00. Thats domey! My McBeth Rocs 2.00-2.25. Im not complaing to disc junkie just dont agree with him. (READY FIGHT) FLAWLESS VICTORY. LOL

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So who's throwing these???
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