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1. Cornhole. When I settled into my usual putting motion, putting a little spin on the bean bag, I routinely land on the board and watch it slide right in.

2. Exploring. When I first moved to New England, I didn't get out much to see what the region has to offer. Since I began playing tournaments and exploring new courses, I've been able to familiarize myself with all sorts of distant corners of New England.

3. Hating winter. I used to like having a couple months of cold, snowy weather. But to me disc golf is a warm weather sport still, so cold and snow just mean less time at the course. Lack of daylight further impedes my disc playing opportunities.
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ditto on the frisbee throw.

i tossed one for the first time in years and found i lost every bit of Ultimate Frisbee skill.
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Originally Posted by goosefraba1 View Post
Must have something to do with concentration.... or that soft touch used in putting?
Lil of both
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it has done wonders to help remove me from the mainstream and make me confusing to women. I have also become an expert at reading suprised and blank looks i get from people when i tell them this is my main sport.
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DG has made me better at:

--articulating why I need to throw instead of working
--rationalizing that new disc purchase
--embellishing my dg stories
--utilizing web search functions

Those are the good things. My love of DG may have saddled me with OCD, though.
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golf...strengthens your core and keeps your club steady through the swing. Added 20 yards to my drive.
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Disc golf has helped me deal with rage issues. Even when I throw a disc in the water I don't really get upset. I suppose it's been good for a little exercise and other stuff but this is the big one I've noticed.
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Originally Posted by BirdmanCR View Post
Lil of both
Can't discount the power of snap and explosive power!
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Originally Posted by pspunch View Post
the focus that i've developed during putting practice has carried over to almost every other stand and deliver game i play. bocci ball... horsheshoes... beer drinking

Disc golf has actually made me better at a lot of things.

So true. Putting practice has improved my muscle memory / coordination and focus that is required in games like darts/horseshoes/beer pong etc. Never been big on individual sports, and the skill set that comes along with them is not too sharp in my bag. Specifically, I'm referring to patience, focus and the ability to stay frosty under pressure. These traits have enormous value in the 'real world' and DG is a great way to continually expose yourself to these virtues and the events in life that lead you to utilize them.

Basically, DG just makes me a better person! I get more exercise, more fresh air, more time with friends, more opportunities to meet new friends / opportunities to learn from far superior players + bond with them over our shared love of the game. I feel rewarded by progress and attaining a deeper understanding of the game. I spend less money on frivolous entertainment and more money supporting our local metroparks and their employees, not to mention all the manufacturers of our beloved plastics!

Also, I'm getting better at finding things in the woods.
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Originally Posted by apparition View Post
DG has made me better at exploring and enjoying nature, that's for sure. The few courses I've traveled to play made it so easy to get out in the sun and in the woods this past summer. It's way different than going out to play baseball, hockey, soccer, even ultimate. Trees, woot!
Well said. Trees and Nature... Woot!
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