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Default How to defeat Ricky Wysocki

After last year's Worlds and this years Gentlemens Club Challenge, it seems clear that the only way to defeat Ricky is to keep up with him for every hole of every round. Falling back and giving him any kind of cushion gets one beat.

Paul McBeth used to make heroic comebacks time and again. But he can no longer do that if he falls behind Ricky too much. The last round of the GCC showed that... even with an ace, Paul just couldn't overcome the lead Ricky built over the previous three rounds. Great effort by McBeth, as always... but just a bit short on this one.

Eagle McMahon stayed ahead of Ricky in the Aussie Open, then had a mini-Atlanta-Falcons meltdown on the last couple of holes. But Eagles showed that THAT, keeping up or staying ahead, is the only way to have a shot at beating Ricky these days. Take heed, Paul McBeth! Take heed...
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By spelling his name wrong?
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Throw less throws
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This reminds me of a scene in Knight's Tale.

"How would you beat him?"

"With a stick, while he slept!"

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Slip him a Mickey...

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What you've got to do is cut the hamstring on the back of his leg right at the bottom. He'll never play golf again, because his weight displacement goes back, all his weight is on his right foot, and he'll push everything off to the right. He'll never come through on anything. He'll quit the game.

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Hope he makes more money playing 1/2 Limit and decides to go pro and plays rec DG?
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I thought he answered the question "How do you beat McBeth".

What do I know?
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Originally Posted by ThunderEagle View Post
This reminds me of a scene in Knight's Tale.

"How would you beat him?"

"With a stick, while he slept!"
Underrated flick...
I love Alan Tudyk's character (Wat).

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Get em' on a craft brew and herb celebration cycle and you might be able to dull that sharp edge of his>>.
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