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Smashed a 309ft wooded, up hiller last night in league. Hole 11, Turkey Creek Iowa City.

But it was with my only NightShift Destroyer thrower, so I am currently trading super heavy for a new NS Destroyer thrower if anyone has 1
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Hit Green 8, "The Frog's Eye" at Diamond X with a Z Cyclone on the 14th. 10th career ace, 6th ace on that hole, 2nd ace in one week!
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Got my 1st ace ever after almost 3 years. First throw of the day at ford park in redlands ca. Hole number one with a buzz ss. Not another golfer for miles to celebrate with.
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Default Valmont, #4!

I came up the hill at Valmont backwards after running out to the middle of the Course to say hi to some pals. First disc out was a yellow Buzzz SS that I recovered from a ditch at a neighboring course. First throw LHBH with no run up took a sweet line, and I knew I hit it from the moment it left my hand.

That sweet moment of quantum entanglement with the disc ensued and I let out a war-whoop or two when a kid on 7 who saw it congratulated me. I don't care that it is the most aced hole on the course, I was really stoked.

I played the rest of the round By reverting to the mean. 4 under after taking an hour long beer break at a local garage brewery before throwing 17 and 18.

All this after our weekly round has failed to produce an ace in the past month, and now is laden with a $123 pool!

Oh we'll, the is always the next one...
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Aced #12 @ Columbia Park yesterday. A group of like 8 people were @ the picnic bench, none of them watched me throw, but they all turned when they heard the chains & saw me with my hands up.
Been 5 years since my last one, hope I dont havta wait that long for my next.
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I had another tournament ace yesterday. My weekly pays out $50 to all aces. Since I run the event I got nothing. It was #151. I'm on my way to 200.
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Hit #18 at Glenn Hilton with a skip thumber. Due the # of aces mentioned above I will not tell you how many I have had.
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I just got my second ace on Saturday at East Roswell Park on hole #12 using a Prodigy M1. I just got the disc on Father's Day and I've only had a dozen or so throws with it. I was just telling my 7 year old son as we were walking up to the tee pad how it's so rare to get an ace and that after thousands of shots, I only had one. Hole 12 is 218ft fairly open with a few trees to contend with and an island of O.B. in front of the basket. I threw a hyzer which I thought was going to skip too far to the left on me when it left my hand. I was shocked to see it smash dead center in the chains!

There were two guys in front of me who witnessed it and signed the disc for me. One of the guys happened to be Matt Eatmon who works for Prodigy and plays open division. Pretty cool indeed.
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Originally Posted by chrishysell View Post
I had another tournament ace yesterday. My weekly pays out $50 to all aces. Since I run the event I got nothing. It was #151. I'm on my way to 200.
Thats crazy to think about, congrats.

I hit my first ace tonight. Hole 9 at max e. roper. About 220, hole sits on the side of a steep hill. feels good man

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Does it count if it was a practice round by myself and I hit it on the third of three shots off the tee?
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