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Well, haven't posted in here in a couple months. Starting to feel a little left out. So anyway, I have been trying to get my 4th ace with my Cryz Sparkle Zone so I could do a 4 aces dye on it. There are 3 holes in particular that I have been running with this disc. One is 175', the second 205' and the third is the most fun. It is 198' uphill and plays like about 240'-ish. I hit this hole with a Buzzz in December of last year, but really wanted to nail it with a putter. So I've been running it for the last few weeks with this Zone. I've hit metal 4 times in the last 2 weeks with nothing to show for it. I was out tonight for a late evening round and there were people walking around getting ready for our evening preaching service here at the camp. A camper had just walked across my fairway and a counselor was getting ready to, so I decided to let'er rip before the counselor did. It looked like a great line, but a little bit high. Then, about 15' before the basket it took a VERY slight dip and I yelled "GET IT!" Sure enough, it nailed the chains dead center and sat down. Finally got my 4th ace with my Zone so I can do my dye, Got #7 on my career and as a side benefit, the counselor (who confessed later that he has never played despite working here for 2 summers) said that he will probably try the sport out this week because he was inspired by the shot! Awesome way to end a round!
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Threw my FIRST today! BOOM!

185' Hole 12 at Hannibal Missouri!


Just a nice floaty hyzer uphill 185' with a DX Roc. Dead middle of the chains. So freaking pretty to watch.
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Aced number 18 on a course I'd never played before in Cincy. My first one! A great way to end the round as well! Got it with my DGCR stamped eclipse anode which made it even sweeter!
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Hit my first ace yesterday at Bicentennial DG Park #17 287' w/ 174 Teebird. It's a blind anny shot around trees and shrubs with water to the right and behind the basket.

This Teebird was one of the first disc's I ever bought and I had beaten in so much that it was turning over too much, so I shelved it for the last 6 months. I grabbed the disc out of my closet b/c I was missing the turnover shot. My buddy in the picture is my neighbor and we actually got each other started in disc golf and putt between our yards and hang out, so it was cool getting my first ace with my buddy that I got started in DG as a witness. I was shooting 6 down with one bogey and playing behind a league group of @ 10. I had been recording all of our shots on video, but after my buddy turned and burned one on 17 I decided against it for some reason. I couldn't see the shot but I heard my buddy saying "Yeah, Yeah Yeah" & then the "Boom" and the league guys celebrating and cheering on 18's teepad. Shaved my beard and gonna start to grow a new one and I'll shave when I get another one!

This HAS to be one of the greatest feeling's ever......now when's the next one????
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Hit my third ace, and my third in a month last night. Hole 2 at max roper park. Threw a shallow hyzer flip forehand with my z buzzz ss. It flipped flat, cruised all the way to the basket and pulled out of the line and smashed dead center front of the chains. I birdied hole 1, so I was -3 after 2 holes. LOL I've played for years and never hit one, but I've hit 3 in july. Feels good every time!

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Got an Ace with a N Annode just now on the way to set a nice new record on my 10 holes of -8. I'm getting ready to finish the 18 hole loop so it's nice to feel like I finally conquered this 10 (so to speak) as I had been stuck on a -6 PB for a while. Also it's really great to start a round with an ace and then follow with three birds. Hard to mess that up and luckily I didn't.

Hole 1 at my course North Side Narrows.

I'll likely cut in behind it and to the right another 50-80 feet once I've finished everything else and make the pinch a tree wider to make a longer setting that's more of a driver or midrange shot depending on who you are.

1st ace on this hole, 5th total this year, 2nd at my course this , and 1st ever true Putter ace (only zone before that). That last one is exciting because I always throw this type of shot FH with a zone but I have been working on forcing the BH sometimes so it's nice to see great results.
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Hit a 350ft blind ace on hole #8 at Powder Mill in Marquette, MI. First time ever playing the hole and I crushed it, even beat the designer at his own course !!!
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Well, yesterday was pretty eventful. I drove about an hour and a half over to Cullowhee, NC to get courses 49 & 50. Started out with a couple rounds at Jackson Rec. before heading over to Catamount links at WCU. First throw of the day at Jackson Rec hit the chastity belt, so I felt like I should ace it. After my WCU round I ran back over to JR before I had to head back home. First shot of my last round was an ace! A strong flick with my Cryz Sparkle Zone (see post at top of page). It hit so hard I thought it might spit out, but it didn't. I missed ace runs on 2, 6, 7, 8, and 11. Came to 12 and thought, "I'd really like to get an ace here. I pulled out a CE Aviar and backhanded a soft toss right in the middle of the chains and it sat straight down. An ace always feels great, but 2 in the same round feels even better! Aces 8 & 9, 50 courses played, and introduced 2 guys to DGCR. All in all, a pretty good day!
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Default first ace

I got my first hole in one today,carver park 8th hole (aug 1st,2013),keene texas,yeaaa,argghhhh............feels great..ive only been thrwing for abt 6 months,i had played that hole many times,but 170ft is simply epic for me...love this game

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Got my second ace and it happened to be a tourney ace. Alternate hole B at Woodlands Park during the Michigan Ohio Border Shootout on Sunday 8/4/13. Wouldn't you know that I can't actually count this one on DGCR either as it isn't a real hole on that course. My first ace I couldn't log either because they got rid of the hole when they changed the course. I'm seeing a trend here.
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