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Hit my 10th ace this morning!
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Holy freaking crap! I am now a prodigy fanboy! (Ok, maybe not THAT much, but here's the story.) Went to Winston Salem this Labor Day weekend to spend time with my gf's family. On my drive back I stopped in Hickory, NC to get some stuff from target and was like, "there's some sweet courses in this town. Oh crap, I forgot my bag this weekend." So I went to the local pias and they had a proto M3 for $7, so I was like, what the heck, I'll give it a try. Went and played with local, Justin Black at Hilton Memorial Park. After the round, I asked him what other courses were around and there was one out of the way and one in the direction I was headed. I opted for the latter even though it was a dinky 9-holer. Still only have 1 disc and I have never played with it before, but liked it immediately when I threw an ace on the second hole. A backhand shot that crushed the chains. Now this is an ace heaven course. The next round I aced hole 5 and the following round hole 8. No aces on round 4 then aced hole 3 on the 5th round. Round 6, 7, and 8 were uneventful, and I told myself I would quit after 5 aces on the day. No, I'll hit my fifth ace and give myself one more round. So round 9 I hit my first ever tomahawk ace back on hole 5. Time for the last round. Hole 1 I threw an anny flick and thought I got it, but the basket was empty when I got there. I had a blow through... Hit hole 5 AGAIN with a flick spike hyzer. That first hole bugged me though, so I decided (against my better judgment) to give it one last go. Same anny flick, but this time it stayed in! Came through and put a FOURTH ace in hole 5 totaling 8 aces on the day. Sure the shortest ace was only 83' and the longest 129', but 8 aces in one day with a disc I had never thrown before sure felt good! I'll find out whether or not this was a dream when I wake up tomorrow and see if this post is really here or not!
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FINALLY! After playing for about 3 years, I picked up my first ace River City Nature Park in Debary, Florida. Hole #6, 190ft. For those of you that haven't played it, you need a laser straight backhand or careful anhyzer line for rhbh, but it's pretty straight with late fade if you throw rhfh. It was windy and raining, and my partner and I were not doing too well thus far. I even stated that I "wasn't going for the ace this time, I'm just going to park it" so I could avoid looking for it in the creek if it faded too far. I threw forehand on a slight hyzer, my C-FD flattened out, popped up a little in a wind gust, and then just as it began to fade about 8 feet in front of the basket, grazed a small branch and floated in to the chains. I ran around screaming for at least 5 minutes. Even though the conditions were rough, and I only had 1 birdie, I still finished at par for the round, my best ever on this course.

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I got my first ace ever at Idlewild #9 this weekend. Threw my GL (or whatever the DD equivalent is) judge a straight, but a little bit high. My buddy said "looks a little long" just as it hit a tree and was directed slightly down into the basket.

That edge on that judge had a few pretty brutal dents in it from metal hits, so an ace was probably forthcoming, but I wasn't expecting a tree save ace.

I'll take it though.
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Got my third ace this year tonight! Hole #11 at Auburn Regional Park 370ft pin B location. Basically a straight off the tee slightly downhill shot. Hyzer flipped my beat up Z comet and it lazer beamed directly into the basket picture perfect! Love the comet!
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Picked up the game in early April and hit my first ace yesterday. Been trying to work on teeing off with my putter(s) on some of the shorter holes...this hole is marked 186ft...wide open, but pin sits on a slightly slanted hill. Send out the Judge I've had for ~2wks...CRASH.

My buddy is a Swedish fanboi and got me using the Judge. I joked that I was proud there were witnesses, but HE was proud it was with the judge. He steps up to the tee with his trusty Tursas (aced a different hole with it two days in a row last week..freaky). Send it straight in and some kids chasing their basketball step in front of the basket. Beams the girl in the head, kills the ace.

We're all still trying to stay pumped over my ace, but he is obviously bummed about his getting stolen. I think he's still trying to tell himself it was not going in, but....ugh.

Trying not to give too much of a poop-eating grin, but I was AMPED:

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Hit my fourth ace on September 2, on hole 3 at Bowen Park in Nanaimo, BC. Threw a nice turn over shot with my old ESP Meteor. The disc tracked straight to the basket, between the two trees that guard it.

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a while back but got my first ever ace in may. middle creek #2. 205 feet.

like many of my near aces it was a FH shot, throttling down with a Firebird, so that it hit the hole as it was fading right at the end. one witness playing with me. and two cars driving past at just the right time to give a round of horn applause. pretty sweet.
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Got my first ace at Kit Carson today on hole 15. Threw my dx stingray with a little hyzer and it popped up and started drifting right and crashed right into the basket. Those chains banging around were sweet music to my ears.

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Originally Posted by rallyguy View Post
Got my first ace at Kit Carson today on hole 15. Threw my dx stingray with a little hyzer and it popped up and started drifting right and crashed right into the basket. Those chains banging around were sweet music to my ears.
Isn't a DX Stingray a beautiful thing to watch!
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