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I am Deaf.

Landfill please.
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Well I just responded to Ryan since I do know him personally and we are friends on facebook. I didn't intend for my comment to be ignorant or to intentionally put Ryan down, that is not the reason I mentioned him being deaf. I mentioned it because I literally thought one of the conversation he and I had on facebook was some sort of spammer or cloned account or something.

I realize now how what I said makes him look bad and me look completely ignorant. I apologized to him and I do to anyone who took my comment as a criticism. It was not meant to be that way, I was just trying to see if what Dana had heard about was the same thing Ryan had tried to talk to me about.

He just sent me a message on facebook and seems that he was just kidding around about my comment. I thought I had just pissed him off and made myself look like an joke . . . well maybe I did just one. Sorry everyone. Off to the landfill so it doesn't get seen by thousands please.
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so... is anyone signing up for this?
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I had my best friend take me to a pyramid scheme meeting and I didn't talk to him for about three years. I eventually forgave him and he apologized. he didn't realize it was a scheme because it was in the dot com bubble era.
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my bachelor's degree is in marketing, public relations and political science. i have some knowledge of the subject.

my first job out of college was at a non profit performing arts center, managing events. they had a large theater and hall space, so naturally, needing money they would rent it out to some questionable organizations sometimes.

one of those organizations was a group called TEAM (together everyone achieves more). they had loose affiliations with Amway but broke away apparently. they would hold big meetings and invite their clients to bring guests to introduce them to the new way to make good money.

you couldnt get in without a ticket to these award ceremony/seminars. and they even had security guards. obviously i overheard many of the presentations and a lot more conversations between clients and prospectives.

this is pretty much the same thing. nikko met some guy who told him about a great new opportunity. nikko had a group of people who would listen to him, especially if it was framed in the sense of growing disc golf. theres already so many people who are desparate for disc golf to grow and be legitimized.

and thats the thing, it doesnt matter who the target group is that could be easily influenced (or what they are even selling for that matter). its just the same formula over and over again. i sincerely hope no one goes for this and i sincerely hope nikko had good intentions.

either way it was a mistake and again i hope nikko didnt make any money off this broadcast/pitch deal.
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Originally Posted by kpc2004 View Post
Why am I ignorant for defending Nikko? I never said he isn't trying to make money. He never said he isn't either. Why does any professional athlete advertise or represent any company? To make money...that's a no brainer. He also wants to use their phone service because he has been paying alot for his verizon contract lately. I have a good t-mobile plan myself so I didn't consider switching, and I don't know enough about the company to make statements on their operations, so this is why I have only commented on Nikko. If it really bothers you then you should talk to him about his intentions.
I think the problem is that he is being lofty with his words about "growing the sport of disc golf" etc and just putting money is his pocket. The way he presented this whole thing led no one to believe that it was going to be a pyramid scheme. He was talking about it like it was going to be some sort of charity. I thought this guy was passionate but now I just know that he is a weak sales man full of bs. Dont mistake him for being naive because if you listen to disc golf talk radio his recent interview on there was just him leading the conversation the whole time to talk about arroyo disc sports and some other video production company that are his sponsors. He wouldnt even let them steer the interview at all he just kept repeating himself over and over again. Guy proved to be downright slimy. Too bad. Def not a fan now
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On the Team Discmobile page, it states that "every member, whether individual or business/organization receives their own website." I have to assume that teamdiscmobile.com is Nikko's free website.

If the scam wasn't bad enough, the cheese factor makes it worse.
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Prodigy Disc took the info off of their Facebook page.
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This will get him kicked off team prodigy. It is embarassing for the sport, what a douche. I was so-so about how I felt about him, but admired his talent. Now I think he is an idiot, not a fan anymore.

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Originally Posted by dmk1978 View Post
This will get him kicked off team prodigy. It is embarassing for the sport, what a douche. I was so-so about how I felt about him, but admired his talent. Now I think he is an idiot, not a fan anymore.

Then they lose people who support him or people who think that's harsh for a mistake he made in judgement? That's not a move I think you will see.
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