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I currently carry 4 molds. 2 ridges, 1 summit, 1 vp, 1 zone. The zone I consider to be more of a mid though.

Typically, if I'm throwing base plastic putters, I like to have something overstable and then beat in multiple copies of the disc to cover all flight patterns. That's not really an option with Vibram stuff, hence why I'm carrying 3 different Vibram putters.
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FWIW, I carry 3-5 putters with me tourneys. A nice beat circle stamp rhyno for turnovers (its beat to s**t), an overstable XG rhyno for drives and upshots. Then I'll usually bag 2 pro rhynos, and maybe an extra champ rhyno that I don't mind to lose if there is a water hole.
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I bag 3 Rhynos, a Wedge and a Zone.

SE Rhyno for straight to slightly US driving and long distance putting.
beat Pro Rhyno for putting only
fresh Pro Rhyno for straight to OS drives and upshots.
Wedge for US out to about 225'
Zone for OS out to about 200'
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I have 2--Voodoo and Rhyno. I carry multiple of each, but I only use those two molds. I can't see a reason to need more than that for my game.
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Aviars and Zones. Covers everything from A to Z.
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I carry 4 in my bag. 2 black 175g SSS Wizards for my main inside the circle putters, a 175g SSS Magic for outside the circle and shorter anny approach shots, and a 175g regular Anode for driving and hyzer shots. I do own more putters, but don't really ever take them with me unless someone is coming along that doesn't play very often and owns no discs, or is one of those people that only owns a driver. Haha.
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I bag 4-5ish putters 3 molds
2 wizs sss ss
1 soft banger for longer approaches and finess shots
1 or 2 rynos

They all have a place and a need but are not always used
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don't see the point in carrying more than two molds for actual putting duties. having that many will make it difficult to build consistency.
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technically speaking there really isn't a reason not to carry multiple molds in the same manner as you carry multiple molds of your mids, fairways and distance drivers

the drives and approaches with a putter may require different lines, or the winds may be a factor

IMO just as you would consider a more or less Over or Under stable driver for a particular shot the same consideration should go into a putter drive or approach

a Zone/Rhyno/Jokeri isn't going to hold the same anhyzer line as an Aviar/Pure/Magnet
just like the Aviar/Pure/Magnet aren't going to handle headwinds as well as the Zone et al

but I would agree not to switch up which one you putt with

but putters are still drivers of a sort and you do need multiple molds for multiple shots

unless of course you have seasoned multiples of a single mold such that you can achieve multiple shots with a single mold

that said, you can't add overstability as you season a disc so if you start out with something neutral chances are that you will need to add something more OS

I currently have 2 molds in the bag...Zone and Rattler
when the weather warms up I'll be at 3 again
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Originally Posted by veek View Post
Aviar P & A (first putter)
Dart (new)
Pig (new)
Skeeter (new)

I'm thinking maybe I can carry 4 putters, or is that too many ? or maybe its time for a bigger bag ?
The Pig, Skeeter, and Dart (modified Goblin) are borderline mids if not mids outright (Skeeter is labeled as such). The only arguably bad overlap is b/w your Aviar, Wizard, and Magic IMO.

Personally, I carry 4 molds right now:
Summit: putts, putts, and more putts. Only putts (mostly)
Polecat: Lid stuff like aggressive approaches, short understable drives, touch shots.
Ion: driving putter/short mid. Use for flicks and long hyzer putts also.
Anode: Same as Ion but really on trial to see how it beats in. Easily dropped if wanted.

It's nice to use one putter mold for everything for consistency's sake, using wear stages, plastic differences, and what not but I don't think it's a big deal. I play mostly short, wooded courses so having different putter molds makes a bit more sense for me.
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