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Originally Posted by Apoth View Post
Typically, if I'm throwing base plastic putters, I like to have something overstable and then beat in multiple copies of the disc to cover all flight patterns. That's not really an option with Vibram stuff, hence why I'm carrying 3 different Vibram putters.
This is the same reason I carry the Summit, Ridge and VP all the time. Wear and tear is simply not an issue. The trio works for all putting shots. I like to carry an opto Pure too, but I use it more as a midrange than putter.
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I carry 2 aviars, one beat up for an anhyzer putt, and one that is heavier/newer for straight/hyzer putting. I also have a classic roc in my bag for wind putting/approch shots, but I don't really consider it a putter. Even though it is classified as a "putt and approach" disc by Innova, it is more suited for the latter. If you love all 7 of them, pick the 2 molds that FEEL the best in your hand. Even then, I think more than 1 mold for putting alone is too many. Just my 2 disembodied Lincolns...
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Default putters i carry

i use 2 wizards a warlock an ion a judge and i use my wasp as a putter
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I carry 3 molds, 5 discs:
3 wizards
1 zone
1 pure
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i have 3 in my bag: sss wizard, sss magic, and a pig. these cover any putt ill need and then some. i have about 7 different molds (about 14 practice putters all together) that i use to practice with in the backyard, but thats a different story. i feel like if having a bunch of molds makes you feel more comfortable on the course knowing that you'll have all you need for any shot, then more power to you. after all, don't we all throw better when our confidence is up? i never really understood the guys that are get upset when people carry more than what they consider "enough" discs... nobodys asking them to lug around the bag. but to each his own.
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I am currently carrying a Zero Pure, a GL Pure or an Opto Pure and a Premiuim Jokeri for wind and OS duties. Was carrying a Swan instead of the Zero Pure, but am going to try to stick with Pures as much as possible. I take the Jokeri out once in a while because I don't throw it a ton, but it is a nice disc to have around.
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I only had wizards for the longest time. usually two in the same wear. I recently added a zone but thats more for approaches and trick shots.
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I am with you - I like carrying a lot of putters.

ESP Zone - Strong winds/skip shots
Soft Ridge - Shots to stick on sloped areas
Medium Ridge - Workhorse driving/approach disc
Summit - Understable driving/approach disc
Beadless Aviar #1 - 175, main putter
Beadless Aviar #2 - 168, short upshots sometimes, tailwind/longer putts

I only putt with the 175 aviar, and on a rare occasion the 168... it definitely helps to keep using the same disc if only for the mental aspect.
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Well I'm experimenting right now with different upshot/driving putters but normally I carry 2 molds.

3 Spikes. 2 in Zero Line and 1 Grip Line. The 2 Zero Line are for putting only. 1 super old for strictly in the circle and uphill putts. 1 newer one for more headwinds, jumps and downhill putts and then the Grip Line for drives and upshots.

I also carry 1 Pro-D Focus for upshots only. I like the way that it lands flat when thrown on hyzer and anhyzer. I used to drive with the Focus but since it's in a base plastic that warps and chunks badly when tree's are hit, I stopped doing that and started using if for line shaping up shots.

At this moment, I am experimenting with a few different Pures and the Mercy. I think the Mercy could replace the Focus for the line shaping upshot duty as they both have the same sort of flight characteristics. The Pures I'm experimenting with are a Grip Line, a Zero Line and an Opto. So far I like the Grip Line one the most of the three. It's really a great driving putter especially since it's so flat. The Opto is awesome but I'm not sure I like the feel of the plastic for driving since I like the touch and feeling of the Grip Line. The Zero Line was for putting only and I'm not thinking that it will ever replace my love of the Spike, it's too deep rimmed to feel comfortable for putts.
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If we haven't beaten this topic to death yet, I'll chime in as well.

Technically, in an ideal disc golf world, I would say you really only need to carry 16 discs. 4 molds for 4 disc types. 4 putter molds, 4 mids, 4 fairways, 4 distance drivers. and the 4 sub categories would be very understable, slightly understable, stable - slightly overstable, and very overstable, depending on your style. Really, you should probably not need that many since a good disc golfer should be able to use the same mold or discs to cover multiple slots. For instance, you should be able to make a stable disc perform anyhyzer and hyzer lines.

But like a lot of people have already said, you need to throw what you are comfortable with. However,throwing multiple molds that are only slightly different can be slowing your progress. I think it's better to try to throw a smaller number of discs and you will see yourself improve with them because their flights become more predictable to you.

Have fun!
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