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3 Molds, 5 discs:
3x VP (173 firm x2, 173 Medium)
1x Ridge (172 soft)
1x Summit (171 firm)
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Three molds, four putters in the bag right now:

168 SE Rhyno - main putter/approach
170 R-pro Rhyno - backup approach/putter
175 DX Birdie - trick shots, anything where a disc could get damaged (e.g. throwing approach over road)
168 5x JK - testing as driving putter

What I'd like to do is get another SE, pick up some of the new Pro Rhynos at the Pro Shop and try out some driving putters - JK as noted above, but KC Pro, Wizard, Opto Pure have been on my list to look at for a while.
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Default how many molds?

I think my own experience echoes what has been mentioned on this thread. At various points this season I was carrying up to 3 molds (Rhyno, Wizz, Dart) but found my scores lower with less discs. Where I live wind is a fact of life and a 15mph LR put doesent scare me. I was using max weight champ rhynos in the spring for drives ups and putting duties. I hopped on the wizzard about 9mo ago for pure putting duty and holding a line longer. It did hold straighter lines but I cant say my scores dropped. I have since bought several dx rhynos and have been abusing them intentionally. they finnaly can hold some decently straight and anny put lines. Having the same or similar feel in the hand for most shots <220ish has seemed to bring my average score down. ...So to in conclusion I think having one mold in various stages of wear could bring down your average. As of now I am carryin-2beat 175dx rhynos, 2 175 champ-one well seasoned-one new, and one xg 175 champ for spike heizer/anheizer, flicks, placement. (i could see covering the same range of duties w a wizzard. But the max OS role always went to the champ rhyno)
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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
6 in my pitch and putt bag
1 Zone
1 McPro Aviar
1 Polecat
2 Pure
1 Wizard

6 or 7 in my regular bag
2 Zone
2 Pure
1 Polecat
2 Wizard
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1-ssss wizard
1-sss wizard
1- vibram ridge
1- challenger
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I carry one mold, all wizards. I'm a minimalist, and since I'm new, I prefer the consistency of grabbing the same mold for every shot. Could certainly see a more experienced player adding a driving putter or one for utility. In general though less is more, and I can get a variety of wizards to fill different roles. As someone above said it might even be best to stick with one specific disc for all putts.
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1x Anode, 2x Ion, 2x Rhyno
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3 grooves!

couldn't resist...

1 ProD Mag
1 Flx Mag
1 Flx Zone
just picked up 1 Organic wizard starting to like it a lot!
just ordered classic Judge, we'll see.
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I am with the one mold train of thought... Offers a consistent flight. I use wizards, and I have three of them. One for regular putts, another for longer annys or uphill putts, and an evo for driving putts or up shots that could damage the softer plastics (gravel or rocks near the basket or many trees in the way)
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I carry 16 discs, 3 of them putters. A Proton Ion for putting, a Neutron Anode for driving, and a Cryztal FLX Zone for overstable/overhand/pancake/grenade shots.
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