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Now that Mamba is pretty darn spiffy

I want a Banshee that looks like that.
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Just picked up a GL fury, recycle saint, and Zero mace from DD.
now whats up with this??
Originally Posted by KDFrosty View Post
Bought 3 of the McCabe/Feldberg fundraiser Opto Sparkle Saints. Only 50 made, sold out QUICK.

Only 150 of the Sparkle Lucid Trespass were made, still available.
I found this page only once and then it was gone, but 16 Opto Sparkle Saints seem to remain
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Here is some of my recent stuff.
Black Z Zone, Black CHAMP Teebird, Coolest pink disc(Archon) I have ever seen, ESP Zone, 11x Champ Teebird, Star Worlds Tern, Aqua Z Big Buzzz, Ace Race ESP Hornet, Cryztal Z Wasp.

Feedback coming to the couple people who may see their discs!
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Picked up a 169g red Fusion Trespass, and traded for a 174g green Prodigy D4 Proto in the MP. The Trespass is marble and beautiful, I can't wait to throw it!
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Ok, here are pictures of the two discs in that last aquired batch that are the most unique out of the bunch:

Here is an 11x champ eagle. I didnt even notice that it was 11x when I got it. I know 11x teebirds are sought out, is that the same with the 11x eagle?

Here is my pro teebird-L. Is this the precurser to the tl?

I'm about to go try out the discs to see how the new ones fly.
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Super sweet Opto Trident. Small amount of sparkles. Super flat and 162g!
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167 champ fb, 170 star fb, 178 prodigy m3 (to see what they are all about)
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Went to Altoona, PA to do some shopping with the family. I had a three disc list for Dunham's and Dick's... Wahoo, Star Aviar P&A, DX Aviar P&A... but actually expected to come home empty handed. I was pleasantly surprised by Dunham's. Found multiple Wahoos, including two in good (for me) colors and figured I could use a backup Dragon, too. Then Dick's really caught me by surprise. The DX Aviar wasn't a big deal, but the Star in that awesome day-glo yellow/green was totally unexpected. And both Aviars at 175g, my exact preference. Sweet! Plus got to play the brand new Highland Park course! It was a good day!

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White tangent/tensor.
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Finally got a breaker and it flies just like I wanted it to. Pitching wedge tri-fecta in the bag now. Star XD-Breaker-Esp Zone
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