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Mine is my "disc to be beat in and new player loaner" bag so...

X-out OG wizard
Pro-d buzzz
Dx banshee
GL river
Pro wraith (not really for new players but its there for me)
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KC Aviar
KC Roc
Pro Leopard
Star TL
Champ Teebird
Champ Orc
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It's in a Discraft Weekender, but
DX Sonic
Pro-D Rattler
Firm R-Pro Rhyno
Opto Pure (X 2)
G9i or OG SSS Wizard
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I don't carry a nutsac, but I will often carry 5 or 6 discs in a starter bag if it's a course that I want more than 3 discs but less than a tourney bag.

DX Teebird
Star Teebird
Champ Firebird
Z Buzzz
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Originally Posted by ian. View Post
lol i have been loving them brotha.. i think i have 7 or 8 of them now ... havent made this many putts from outside the circle in sometime.. dunno what it is about them but just seem to "catch" better then my beloved sanny kc's
I dont have any white ones but i have a handful of TS challs if youre interested in a lot deal.
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I have one for my short rounds, lineup is Volt/Amp, Teebird, River, Vector, Axis, Anode
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Originally Posted by bayouace View Post
If you use a small Nut Sac bag for your disc golf rounds, what discs do you carry?

Undertow, Squall, Nebula, and Yeti Aviar are all I need.
I do have a NutSac bag and use it quite often. My answer, however, depends on what mood I am in. My other three bags (2x Crunch and 1 Carolina) are set with specific discs so I throw relatively the same thing no matter what vehicle I happen to be driving that day.

My NutSac is used for either really quick rounds or on days where I am throwing something specific and not playing an average round.

My all Vibram days: Sole, Ridge, Ibex, Trak, OS Trak, and Obex

Quick Round: One of four different putters (Judge, Clozer, Clutch, or Ion), Ghost, Rival, Patriot, Valkyrie, and whatever wide-rimmed driver I happen to be into at the moment (usually the Canon but recently I have tried out the Prodigy D1 and D4, the Tern, or an ESP Force I want to beat up).

However, most of the time when I use the NutSac it is because I am going to a course to practice my driving and taking some ace runs. I might carry a putter for those really close ace runs but normally I do not even carry a mid. Recently I have been stuffing in Patriots, Rivals, Leopards, and TeeBirds.
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NutSac's aren't a bad idea, really, especially for newer players. But I never see them...maybe because of price? Anyways, here's what I would carry:

-Pro Pig (buttery R-Pro would suffice)
-Soft Anode
-Medium Ion
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I would go with these:

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If I played around with my nut sack:
1. APX
2. Challenger
3. X-Comet (lately, I've been reaching for my Comet more often than my Buzzz)
4. Star Leopard
5. Champ Beast
6. R-Pro Boss

1st thought: Realizes he's an idiot, not for cheesy middle school humor, but for carrying around a backpack with a shipload of plastic.

2nd thought: I realize I'm lacking anything truly overstable, but I wouldn't include my Predator, Eagle, or Pro Boss if it meant I'd have to swap out one of the others, unless it was pretty windy.

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