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my biggest expectation is to ALWAYS have fun!!!
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sounds like most everyone is playing the easy tees to easy baskets at easy home courses. Go challenge yourselves. Step it up a notch.
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For me personally during winter golf in Minnesota, I feel I have a great chance to deuce any hole 275ft anytime. 300-325 ft holes I can comfortably reach in the summer now are a rare feat to reach. Last winter I was struggling reaching 250 ft at all, now I am disappointed if I only get there which during certain longer courses I do run out of gas towards the end. Here are my winter expectations

Putting:100% inside 15ft, 90% inside 20, 75% 20-25, 60% from 25-30, 50% from 30-35 anything else is a bonus.
Upshotsinpoint accurate with my 08 drone, have a forehand to get out of trouble inside 150ft
Drives: Be accurate and hit my fairways all day long so then I can give myself a chance. I have realized very few courses, even longer ones kill me if I stay in the fairways, even only throwing about 275ft in the winter.

Summer goals:

Putting:same exact concept
Upshots:same concept except get my forehand out to 225ish which I did last year because I could do runups you cant do in the winter.
Drives:The longest drive i ever threw was 365ft, I feel if I can get out to 350ft consistantly all day long I can be a solid open play. Maybe not a 1000 rated guy but I feel I can shoot consistant 950+ golf with occasional hot rounds. I do want to get out to 400ft on my open bombs this summer, golf is much easier when you can bomb.
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I just shot a -10 on 18 holes for the first time in my life. That was a pipe dream just last year. Next is doing that in a tournament. Ha!
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I set small goals for myself and each time I attain the goal I set another one. I set a goal to reach under par at my local course and I achieved that after 5 months of playing this game. Now I set a goal for myself to get under par at another local course that is significantly harder. I am getting closer to attaining this goal and that helps keep me motivated to get better. In the future I have goals to play in certain tournaments and eventually get to Open. I like setting the small goals because it keeps my expectations realistic and allows me to progress at a nice pace. Right now I have been working on my putting and I am expecting to get much better. I practice inside almost daily with a sheet hanging from my arch that's tied to make a pouch. I drain almost 50 putts daily from 5' to 10' just working on consistent releases and I'm seeing big improvements.
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While only in my 4th month of playing, I expect to continue the improvement. My scores have improved as my understanding of the game has become more clear. I hope to continue to solidify my putting, gain better technique on my drives and my desire is to continue to have fun while I'm doing it!
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I don't really have expectations while playing. If I'm playing well, great. If not, oh well, I'm outside having fun.
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If I'm looking down the fairway at a 400' I'm solid at a 3 shot depending on the layout. If I am on my game I am hitting a 3 on a 550'. It can take a while to get this going again as the winter kinda messes with your game going back into spring. But I have started to do alot of towel practice and putting in my house.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
When I first started playing, I dreamed of par, and was thrilled when I got it. As your game progresses, you expect par. You learn to drive, approach, and putt better. Pretty soon you expect birdie on certain holes.

Where are you at in your game? Your rating might say one thing (if you have one), but what do you expect when you step up to the tee?

I'm at the point where I expect a 3 or better on all but the longest holes on my home course. On the short holes I expect a 2, and get ticked if I don't park it off the tee. Getting a 3 on short holes is no longer acceptable, but demoralizing.

If I'm 200 feet away from the basket, on an open hole, I assume I'll get there in one shot, and drop in for the putt.

Putting is another story. I'm still at the point where if I'm not 15 feet away, the putt might not fall. It's still the weakest point of my game.
this is almost where im at, i have been playing about 10 months
i am starting to park some shorter holes, so now its harder to take (but still ok, after some grumbling)when you dont
before i just sucked everywhere and it didnt matter
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The first year of playing is fun, because if you play a lot, as I have, you really progress in an obvious way. Like Sisyphus, I doubt I'll ever have the max D of a lot of you guys, so slowing things down and working on accuracy is a must if I hope to shoot pars.

What I'm dreading is hitting that plateau where the improvement come much more slowly.

Big Sky, I guess I do expect to par most holes I play though, which is a big change from last summer.
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