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just practicing
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An S.E. DGA Tsunami
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Gold Line Pure.
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ZJ Pro eagle X and/or L, the plastic would be like taffy CE but better.
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Here's how I arrived at my sig dusc:
1) What disc gets more use than any other disc in my bag? (obvious, but impoartant).
2) Which disc is least likeley to result in profanity when I throw it? (less obvious, but perhaps even more important).

Answer to both questions: FLX Challenger
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Champ Glow Whippet
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CE FLX Spirit
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Well. the putter[R-P Aviar] of course. Gets used every hole unless the driver parks it and claims it for himself.
Other than that, mebbe the Star Wraith or ESP/FLX Surge.
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S Line PD!
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I'd go old school:
Viper, flatter top but not real flat, not sure on plastic but I don't leave home without one.

Cobra in champion plastic with whatever the 1990ish (flatter) mold was would be second choice.
(I always get the ontario vs san marino vs classic etc. mixed up, do love the CFR star classic cobras and use them alot but wish they had a bit more glide, not sure if it's the dome or the plastic but not quite the same as old DX.. damn close though.)

Hmmm... maybe a sssssss wizard called the squishy... probably wouldnt throw it though, I've been having a mid life putter crisis.

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Fine, I'll do it.

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