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Yeah, I hate cleaning the microfiber. Was being real careful with them, then took my daughter to the course. My daughter (7) is physically incapable of being careful and dropped both of them in the mulch within 3.4 seconds. Only use them now when it's really bad out.

Guess I should look at target and get one of those monster packs.
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I used to use microfiber, but I've gone back to .69 cent dish towels from Wal Mart. They work just fine, don't capture particulates as readily and are mega-cheap.
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Thinking of carrying two towels this year. A cotton one for mud and grime, and a synthetic chamois for wet and dew. I love microfibers for detailing the cars, but can't imagine dealing with them on a disc golf course.
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Cloth diapers are awesome too. I'm not sure how many dads are out there, but if you have some old diapers, use them on the course. You might get funny looks, but they soak up moisture really well, and you can wash them a billion times before they get ratty. And leaves and grass don't stick to them like microfiber.
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Buy micro fiber shammy. The terry sucks...everything off the course
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I just use a plain old normal dish rag. Hey if it can get my dishes dry why not my discs? A buddy of mine uses a shamwow that he got from the dollar tree and that works good as well. Microfiber and debris in woods do not make for a good combo at all.
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i keep a grommeted 12"x16" microfiber on a carbiner attatched to my belt loop...still get little leaf pieces stuck to it!! i use a rubber lint brush on it and it takes all the fine particulates out!!
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I buy the jumbo packs of cheap microfiber's from Dollar General. I carry mine inside of my bag snuggled in between the middle divider and my discs, that way they don't pick up debris. I like them better because they dry out quickly and their small and absorbent.
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Originally Posted by LoPan12 View Post
How do you guys clean all the crap off of them?
Compulsively while waiting to throw.
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Yea, an age old problem. I too, keep my clipped to my belt loop and instictively stuff it in my pocket when heading into the brush to search. I get most of mine free from Red Wing playoff hockey games, seems they give out a crappy terry one every time. A cool t shirt would be nice once in a while. But, when the mistake of leaving it out while in the woods happens, painstaking picking ensues to clear the thing of burrs. I don't like the micro fibers, they don't seem that absorbant.
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