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Originally Posted by jenb View Post
Talk about D bags on a plane ...

This one time, I had to fly out on business, and the firm partner had super double secret elite status, so we got bumped to first class.

Next thing I know, we were sitting on the runway waiting to take off, and I kept expecting for all the rumored free drinks to start coming my way ... but they never did.

Anyway, this big fat guy with white hair was sitting across the aisle from me, and he was wearing this blue suit with gold embroidery that almost made it look like a naval officer's uniform. He had his cell phone out and he was having phone sex with somebody ... and it just went on on on and he was so loud and nasty.

And then when we started to take off, he was finally off the phone and trying to sleep, but this lady in the back of first class had a baby that started to cry. So without turning around, he yelled, "SHUT THAT BRAT UP!!!"

At that point I was trying really hard not to jump across the aisle and find out what his brains looked like. But then he went to sleep.

Slept like an effin' baby too.
WTF Lmao
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Originally Posted by E3D4523 View Post
Yes you can. I travel with my grip bag. They search it every time. The security guards asked me if I was carrying plates one timme. Then they wiped them down with a cloth. Tall white guy from minnesota carrying plates. Get em.
This is exactly what has happened to me when I carry on my Fade tourney bag. Right down to the asking if i'm smuggling plates and having them wiped down part, lol.
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As everybody has stated, no problem. I refuse to check any bags and just travel with my dg bag and a small carry on suitcase. Works every time.
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I just recently went to Cincinnati and had my Grip bag as my carry-on. Had absolutely no problems except that it wouldn't actually fit into the overhead compartment (the base was too big and I didn't want to force it). I stuck it under the seat so it was no big deal. I had to brief the TSA person on what disc golf was when he opened it up but he was all cool with it.
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i take mine as a carry-on as well...no problem. just don't forget to take out any items of your bag that the airline industry frowns upon. i carry a knife and a lighter in my bag. you will definitely miss your flight and have a long talk with TSA if you forget.
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Brought my innova tourney bag with me to San Francisco no problems.
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I've often had a small bag of discs inside a larger carryon. I guess it looks suspicious on the xray, because I've had TSA go through my bag and look about half the time. Never had a problem once they see it is in fact just a bunch of frisbees.
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I have carried my bag through multiple airports with no problems. I have a collapsable rolling cart and I strap my tourney bag to my carry on and it is the same size as the huge carry ons that everyone else gets through. As mentioned above make sure to empty out all the useful stuff like knife, lighters etc. They didnt bat an eye through xrays, they knew exactly what it was an even mentioned it. One flight attendant saw my bag and commented on it. Then he pulls out a small bag that he carries with him when he has layovers in cities!
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The weighting agents in some discs show up oddly on the x-ray. I peeked, and my heavier discs showed up almost as though they were metal while Ashleigh's 150 class discs without the weighting agent showed up clear like any other random plastic. On several trips where we each had a handful of discs they ended up opening my suitcase and not hers. Either way, you're cool to fly with discs and/or a disc golf bag, just be prepared to have them take an extra look at it.
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Where's prerube when you need em?


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