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Good payout
Selection of discs/merch for payout
Who is running it
How many people are in my division
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If it's on a not-so-good course, or there's a bunch of d-bags playing, I'm out. Another factor is price/distance. If the event is cheap but far away, I'll probably go. But if it's expensive and far, no way. I ain't got that kinda money!

But Fun factor is the biggest draw for me. It goes along with the aforementioned atmosphere.
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around here there is an event every weekend and both days every weekend. I just pick the closest.
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All have to be about right. Ideally its nearby, a free day and cheap!
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having just played my first tournament last weekend, i'd say the drive for me is to play my best when the pressure is on. I feel like i played well, but not at my best, so now i can't wait to play the next one and eliminate the mistakes and heighten my state of mind.

the tourney stamped discs were pretty sweet too, i hadn't really thought about them until i got them.
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The camaraderie that comes along with disc golf tournaments. There are a ton of people who I never see outside of disc golf tournaments but I end up playing with a lot of the same people. Also, TD is important and I love a tournament with a great festival atmosphere. The competition pushes me to get better, the player's pack is just something extra.
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Sanctioning and Tier
Food on site (whether it is included in the entry fee or not) is a plus.
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New course/new players
Meeting friends
Swag[discs, trinkets, cash]

In that order. My favorite thing to do is play draw doubles with the locals the first time I play a new course.
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Originally Posted by PhattD View Post
I know this thread has been done before but I would like current data. What I am asking for, please, is what you look for in deciding which tournaments to attend. I would like to compile a list of factors from you and then create a poll that is based on your responses, not my biases. List as many factors as you want I will periodically check in and list potential poll categories until we're satisfied we have a good sample.

What draws me to participate? Or just to watch/spectator?

If there are a lot of Pro's playing (like a USDGC or ?) If it's in my general area I will def go & watch!

I like to get tourney stamped discs weather I participate myself or I'm just spectating.

What would draw me to play in a tourney? I play a lot of casual golf & after a while I always get the itch to enter a tourney just to see how I stack up against others in my division.
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I haven't played in a tournament in my DG career yet, but I have been playing non sanctioned doubles all over North East GA. And during those fun games of doubles I met tons of people and gained a lot of friends. And those friends happen to be the regulars that also attend tournaments around NEGA. So since I see my friends playing, that makes me want to play with them and compete with them.

So I would list mine like this from top to bottom of what attracts me to tournaments that I plan to attend this year.

Entre Fee Amount
Chance to Win
Familiarity of the Course
Gain of Experience
Players Pack
Side Action (Ace, CTP, Drawings)
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