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I throw consistent discs. My favorite wind disc is my Drone. No matter where the wind is coming from the drone flies the same path for me. As long as I throw it flat, it goes straight and dies left. Doesn't flip into head winds, doesn't drop in tail winds. It doesn't fall further left, or less left with crosswinds, and doesn't really go further or shorter with head/tail wind.

Finding a consistent disc like that was a big key for me. On longer shots i do the basic more OS into wind, more US with wind. I also power down just a bit (might disc up slightly as well) this just makes me more consistent, since release angle is very important in the wind.

There was a great article on disccraft.com about playing with wind, that goes into tons of detail. Really good, especially with regard to crosswinds and "in between" winds.

I suck at putting into the wind, still can't do it (or a cross wind right to left) I just haven't practiced enough. I LOVE tail wind putts. If it's really windy, i will 100% try to land so I have a tail wind putt. i would rather be 30' with a tailwind than 15' with a headwind.
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I love playing in the wind! All it takes is extra analysis of the shot and careful consideration and you can turn it to your advantage. In a tailwind my Saints kick an exceptional amount of ass and seem to get about 10ft further for every 3-4mph of tailwind. A mild headwind or cross wind can be handled by my Zones or Gators, and anything extreme calls for a Firebird. For putting, KC Pro Aviars (my putter of choice) are pretty beefy and can resist most winds well with proper adjustments, but I also bring out the Zone for a lot of closer putts for the extra consistancy.
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Well I've still never played in a warehouse so wind is virtually always a factor to some degree.


I either throw what I normally do with more hyzer or pick a more stable disc if I want a flat release. QOLF with more hyzer or a Flat CPD for example. RC3 and Zone for mids.


I throw more understable discs, period. Flippy QOLS, Buzzz, Opto Pure.
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In the wind a focus on angles becomes much more important. Throwing overstable plastic is a great idea but recognizing where the wind is coming from and how that will affect your throw is even more key.

I tend to use a more compact "swing" on holes <350 when it gets windy and lean on 3-4 discs that are great into the wind the whole round. Taking the round slow (basically taking what you can get) is actually very efficient in the wind. Usually I will just try and play "Grandpa Golf" in the wind (especially in early rounds) and it always surprises me how well the scores hold up compared to the rest of the field.

Putting in the wind is something that requires good use of release angles. Once again you need to know what the wind is doing. Ex. if the wind is from left to right and you are a rhbh hyzer putter you need to know that your disc will DROP and push right.....therefore you should aim at the top left of the basket and let the wind do the work. Putting in the wind is about consistently making short putts and staying away from triple putts.
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Stay home! lol
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heavy discs upwind, lighter disks downwind
for me its 175 champ boss & 155 bliz ape
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At my local course the flagship 18th hole on the "Parkside" course at Barnett Park (in orlando, and a great course) I swear always feels like you are throwing into a head wind. But the fact of the matter is that because of the flat landscape and the way the trees around that hole are placed the wind usually changes direction about 175-200' off the pad. When a group of us are playing we usually talk about how the wind is actually playing on the hole and again talk about it right before we get to the pad. Swirling wind patterns have to be the worst when it comes to predicting a discs flight! I'll have to admit that a rouge gust of wind has also helped me park a basket or two also.
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I've said it, and said it, and said it.

The wind blows!

Generally my biggest problem with the wind is in my head. I tend to over think it instead of just throwing.

That said into a stiff wind I try to throw heavier and/or more overstable discs.
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Originally Posted by little oz View Post
Related question: If i have the basket directly in front of me in an open field with a 15-25mph headwind. I choose to throw my firebird or FL. Do i am directly at the basket because of the wind, or do i throw more of a hyzer angle? In other words, does a headwind take the fade out of the disc? If so, how much? I guess the same question for a tailwind. Does that take the turn out of the disc? thanks.
I'd say, for a rhbh thrower, a left to right crosswind takes some fade out of a disc thrown flat, and makes an overstable disc fly longer and straighter.

The headwind adds turn, though, and once your disc turns right, that wind then affects it as a crosswind instead of a headwind. So if it turns over it could lift and go far to your right. In really strong headwinds, I've seen discs turn completely around, until the wind affects it as a tailwind. Then the disc fades back and travels a couple of hundred feet behind the tee pad.

I tend to throw hyzers into headwind, even with overstable discs like a firebird. In really severe wind, I'll turn it vertical and throw a spike hyzer. If there's no room for a hyzer though, and if the terrain is favorable, I might throw really low and try to float something like a teebird over the ground. The slower air caught underneath the disc creates a nice cushion for the disc to ride when there is faster air traveling over the disc (slower air has more pressure). The proximity to the ground also keeps the disc from turning or fading much.

Tailwind adds turn resistance and fade. You can throw a big flex shot with a lightweight overstable disc (ahem ... blizzard boss) and it will fade back nose down and catch and ride the wind for a lot of extra distance. That shot is the trick to getting world record distance. If there's no room for that, you can disc down and throw your most understable putter or mid high and nose down.

For rhbh, it's right to left cross wind that can be really challenging. You can't show the flight plate to it without it being slammed down, so it must be released flat. But then the wind will catch, lift, and carry a fading disc far offline to the left. If there's room, you can anticipate the carry, throw a big hyzer, and get lots of extra distance. Otherwise, you probably need to forehand really flat into it with an overstable disc. That way, the wind just takes some fade out and it finishes longer and straighter.
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Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
That's definitely the way to get consistent results, it makes it tough to get distance but it's not going to go anywhere crazy. I will purposely show the underside when it's going to help. I'll throw a super overstable disc on an anhyzer with a left to right tailwind to get a nice long straight shot, or I'll exaggerate the nose down angle in a tailwind to get a little more push forward.
Thanks. You just explained why my tailwind shots suck and get pushed into the ground.
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