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Default Star Whippet X

Didn't notice a thread for these and innova seems to be running a limited production?


Never thrown a whippet.. what does X mean?
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Its the more overstable version.

Think FX versus FL. Or teebird vs. TL.

REALLY overstable. However the ones I've seen are super domey.
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Here's what the resident expert had to say about the Whippet-X.
Originally Posted by Three Putt View Post
The old Whippet mold has not been used in a long time, so nothing to worry about. If you are a newer player, the Whippet X will be all you know.

Basically the wing is different. The old Whippets had a notch on the edge of the wing connecting the bevel to the edge of the disc. On the Whippet X the bevel connects directly to the edge of the disc with no notch. Removing the notch in theory would make a disc LESS stable, but they gave the Whippet X a big blunt nose which I guess offsets that effect and then some.

Anyway, that's it. If you see a Whippet with a flat part on the edge of the wing before it connects to the beveled part of the wing, it's the old Whippet mold.
I have one of these, but I haven't thrown it. It's just too pretty.
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i have had one for about a year
its like a boomarang
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I have a 9x KC whippet.
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These have been in the Innova Factory Store FOREVER. Not exactly a hot seller. They have an uncomfortable amount of dome.

If you want a whippet and don't want to pay for CE, CFR glow whippet x are out there for less than 20. As durable a disc you'll find, and fly plenty OS.
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All current runs are WX as far as I have heard/read. I have DX, star (pro shop), and a CFR glow champ. All three fly about the same. DX breaks in pretty fast and loses some overstability. Star is grippy with more flex. Champ is stiff and a touch more overstable.
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Great discs to get out of trouble. It WILL be overstable, no denying that.
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