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Very few. The courses I play most aren't conducive to rollers, and one hole on a local course that I used to roll all of the time, park construction created barriers that took that away from me.

I can get better distance with a backhand roller than a backhand throw, but there are few holes on which that extra distance will gain me a stroke. In the meantime, a roller that goes awry can get into incredible trouble.

Most of my rollers are forehand, get-out-of-trouble shots.
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my backhand rollers are still pretty bad but i am getting much better with flick rollers. one of my goals for this year is to get enough confidence to throw a backhand roller in a competitive round. right now it's a coin flip as to whether or not it will be decent or get yanked right and cut out on me.
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Try a mamba, I've had good luck with rollers that S with them, and a roadrunner for straighter ones
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I throw backhand rollers quite regularly. Its a great feeling when the roller works out. I still need to practice. I usually use a dx leopard for the roller shots. I do want to get a sidewinder or other disc to practice rollers with as well. Onehole i usually park under the basket when i throw a good roller.
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I'll throw a roller if I know that there is no way a bad roll by me will add another throw to my score, but a good roll will get me a lower score than I could get with an air shot.

One example is wide open holes I can't reach with an air shot. Another is a tight wooded hole where there is no way to get an air shot to the basket besides dumb luck. One hole that I throw a roller on regularly is straight for roughly 260', then straight right another 100' or so. BH turnovers almost always get slapped down by a set of trees at the bend or fade out of the turn and go way off line, and FHs usually end up short still after the skip (probably from hitting a tree) or hit the same set of trees at the bend. The only 2 I have gotten on that hole with an air shot was one that I severely grip-locked and somehow got sneaky through the woods straight at the basket.

Since rollers are less prone to hitting trees, I now roll this hole and have gotten a few more 2s, and have cut down the 4s.
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I roll comets off the tee quite a bit lately, when there are low ceilings and a straight or right turning shot and nice hard ground it often works out well for me. I haven't figured out how to roll for big distance, I can't get quite as much out of a roller as an air shot, but I'm working on it. Forehand rollers for getting out of trouble were the first kind of roller I picked up, easy to figure out and really useful.
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I just started working rollers into my arsenal late last year. At least off the tee. I use to throw FH rollers as get out of trouble deals, but haven't attempted one off the box yet. BH rollers have become a great tool. Don't need them much on a lot of the courses around here, but we just installed a course on a ball golf course. Rollers are game changers. With consistency and distance (about 550'-650') I've been able to really put up some decent scores, and have been beating the regular competition easily.

Learn them. Even if you never use it off the tee, knowing the shot will help. You never know when a cut roller will play better than a hyzer or anhyzer. Best thing though, is finding a practice field that is flat. That's also the hardest. With too many ruts you'll never learn how you are suppose to throw them because the ground will affect them to much. If you've got a football field by you with turf, you're money.

Off the tee I find it best to go with my Bolt, or if there is headwind, I'll throw my flippier Halo. Remember though, wind can affect a disc just like in the air, headwind and you'll be watching a disc go 300'+ to the right.
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The easiest trick to use to throw better rollers it to approach the teepad from the side and yank the disc toward the fairway. If you are going to approach the tee from back to front you will need a much less stable disc. I roll my normal straight flying nukes.
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I've got a beat dx beast that's so flippy I noticed it really wanted to turn, burn and roll. But getting the release angle just right is my problem. And when it goes wrong it goes really wrong!!

Is it better to do rollers with mids rather than drivers or does the sharper edge not have any affect.
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I'd say for sky rollers, drivers work better, but I use a max weight DX Stingray for regular rollers. I can be very consistent with my forehand rollers with it. I just throw a forehand shot, it flips over and rolls straight. I'm still about 50/50 with backhanders. As someone else stated, for a backhand roller, it's good to approach the teepad at about a 30-40 degree angle. I like to release the disc at a 45 degree anhyzer, it flies about 50-75 feet, then lands at the right angle to continue straight for most its roll. Also, be aware of the terrain/weather. Wet/soft ground and cross winds can be detrimental to a roller.
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