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Default how many should I carry?

I carry about 20 discs when I play. Should I? It's not often that I use even half of them, but I like having them in case I throw some in the lake. What do you all think? Should I have a little more faith in my game and carry less? I like playing efficiently and fast. How does everyone feel about this topic?
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You answered your own question. You only use less than half of them. Pick your 6-8 favorite discs, and maybe one extra for risky throws over water. Have faith that you're gonna either clear the water, or throw around it safely. A lighter bag makes for quicker rounds anyway.

This is my opinion, others may vary.
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I have 2 or 3 of the same model beat to fly differently depending on the shot I have. And you can also manipulate the discs as well to vary your shots. It is up to you. I carry about 20 discs. By no means do I get tired from carrying my bag.
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It really a matter of opinion, I really suggest reading the top link. It's talks about this exact subject in the eyes of a very good disc golf teacher Blake T.
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If you want to feel like you can lose a disc without worrying about covering those shots the rest of the round, pick out the 6-8 discs you really throw and carry multiples of them. I have 3-4 of each of the workhorse molds in my bag, often in different stages of wear but still close enough that they can cover any holes if I lose a disc. That means I carry 20 discs, but less than 10 different molds.
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My current bag setup
4 putters, 3 magnets, 1 challenger. 1 magnet main putter, backup is a little more stable so use it for slight headwinds, 1 soft magnet for flip mode and challenger stable.
5 mids, 1 08 worlds drone overstable, 3 z buzzz, 1 slightly stable, 1 straight with small fade, 1 slightly understable with small fade, 1 comet for understable
4 fairways, 10x kc cheetah rollers, extremly flippy, z xtreme for overhead, sidearm, troubleshots, 1 opto river for straight to understable shots, jk pro valkyrie straight shots
4 distance drivers, esp flash straight shots, 2 fr esp nukes 1 is crazy flippy and my longest disc at 400 ft, other is straight and versitile, z crush overstable driver.

My only real needs are 2 putters, I could use my putting putter for flippy drivers and then a challenger for stable, mids 3, drone, 1 buzzz and comet or 2 different buzzz with 1 understable, fairways river and xtreme, distance drivers, 2 esp nukes, use flippy for rollers and then z crush for stable long drivers, use the straight esp nuke for the valk and flash. So all I really need is 10
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im a kitchen sink guy
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I carry fourteen discs and use most of them depending on course and wind conditions. There are a couple of courses I know my shots well enough I might lighten the bag some, but for the most part I'm still learning (discs and courses). However, one course that my son and I play (Bear Creek short tees) is somewhat short with many very technical wooded holes that make you shape different lines. Three times now my son has talked me into following our first round with a two disc round. I carry a heavy Z Buzzz and a Z Comet (drive and upshot with the Buzzz, shape lines and putt with the Comet). Each time we did this, I scored one or two strokes better than when I threw my full bag.

I don't know what exactly this says about my game. I'm still new so maybe I just know those two discs better than my others, or I'm still having trouble controlling drivers. I do know for sure, these two disc rounds are super fun and we can blaze through the course in about half the time since we're not lugging stuff, digging in our disc bags and spending extra time trying to decide what disc to use.

I also don't know what my experience means pertaining to your bag. I guess it means do what makes you happy. I love trying different discs and if it hurts my score but adds to my enjoyment of the game, then so be it.

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Originally Posted by Curtis_Valk View Post
I also don't know what my experience means pertaining to your bag. I guess it means do what makes you happy. I love trying different discs and if it hurts my score but adds to my enjoyment of the game, then so be it.
Great perspective.

For the O.P., just how many discs are you likely to lose in a round? I've only played a few courses where losing more than 1 or 2 was a real threat, so carrying 10 extras just for that seems a bit of overkill.

On the other hand---if, in casual rounds, you like to occasionally throw multiple shots off a tee, or even if you just like to try out different discs over the course of the round, why not carry 20?
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Better get used to asking yourself that question.

Finding your balance between quantity and molds is a perpetual journey.
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