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I have 11 Aces in my life but none this year, playing off and on for 19 years. This year Ive hit metal high 4 times, hit basket low 6 or 7 and chained out 3. Bout 13 metal hits and no Aces. Im starting to wonder if I'll get any this year?
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Hit basket twice last night in league, ace pool was roughly 250 dollars. I've never had an ace but the metal hits are constant. I told the guys on my card as we started, they think I'm cursed after witnessing it.
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A week after my first ace I threw my Roc on a perfect line to the basket on a 200' hole. Everyone in my group thought it was going straight in, and it hit the back side of the chains and spit out!
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This has been a constant thing for me for about a month now. In the last month I have had 12-15 shots that either hit metal or pass the basket less then foot away. I feel like I am about to break this 7 year slump just a matter of when now.
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Was playing the Orange Tees at Knobley Mt. DGC tonight. It's a short down-hill shot with the basket protected on both sides by trees and shrubs. I had a Cubby Ace on it before while just throwing several discs from the tee. I normally don't go for the ace and tend to play the hole conservatively short for the easy two. Tonight, though, I just had a feeling and really felt like trying to hit the ace.

Well, as soon as I released my drive I thought that it was on a nice line. I was right. It hit just off the top of the cage. 6" higher and it would have been in the chains. Unfortunately, it skipped long and left into a bush, leaving my lie directly behind the bush without a real shot at birdie.

So metal hit turns into par... bummer. Next time, maybe.
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Came so close to my first ace tonight. Hole 12 at Mathews Park, in Monroe, Georgia, a short (204') slight downhill shot with a somewhat tight gap for a RHBH shot. Hit the gap with my X Comet and it faded right into the basket - the outside of the basket. Settled for a drop-in birdie, and a 52 for the round.
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I chained out an ace in the state dubs championship, a beautiful comet shot that blew up the chains and fell to the ground
$166 ace pool, nobody else came close
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missed one last friday and one tonight.

hole 14 at oakwood; short hyzer shot with the 400s pa4. nailed chains and spit through . . . damn slick plastic.

then tonight, hole 17 at oakwood . . . would've been amazing. 405 foot open shot, doinked the top with my patriot. got a gash from it too.
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Thus far, I've missed them all.
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Two rounds in two nights...two ace runs spit out... what do I have to do to get one to stick?

Hole 5, <200 ft tunnel shot in the woods, breaker into the chains and spit out...
Following night, hole 17 approx 220 ft hole over a lake, hyzer bomb with a breaker into the chastity belt, kicked down off the cage and bounced out.
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