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Default Putting Practice

I am heading out with the basket to do some putting practice. How do you guys practice when you do your putting practice. Just looking for some new ideas
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I use one putter. I need the exercise.
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1. Putt with multiple putters in hand (same weight, same mold).
2. Focus on small putts (under 20').
3. Mix it up - some rapid fire, some movement around the basket setting up with each putt.
4. Don't putt until tired. It's useless and missing putts does you no good.
5. Putt with confidence.
6. Make putts. If you miss at 5', putt a ton of those until none of them miss. (Mark Ellis style)
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I play a putting game. My goal is to be automatic from 20' and in, so here's how I work on that:
-I use 3 identical putters
-The goal is to make it around the world (12 spots around the basket) as efficiently as possible.
-I start at 20' feet and putt all 3.
-If I make 3 I move to the next spot (a few feet in either direction, just make sure you have 12 evenly spaced spots).
-If I make 2 I stay in the same spot
-If I make 1 I go back a spot
-If I miss them all I go all the way back to the first spot
-I keep track of made putts and total putts, with a perfect score being 36 out of 36.
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i like to bring three putters and work on 15 to 30 footers for about ten to fifteen minutes or until the 30 footers feel good. Then i like to run putts from 70 to 120 ft, cleaning up any that don't go in. That's a great exercise for finding out how to give those shots a chance but still leaving an easy par putt and it feels like that second putt counts for something. then i like to putt around a tree with hyzer and anhyzer. i finish with putts in the 20-40ft range. Also i always bring a snack to the park.
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This is similar as what brodysseus drills but it's easier to do in narrow places like indoors. I use two putters, and start from 3 meters. When I get both in, I move one meter further from the basket. Again, two putts and if I get both I move back one meter. If only one goes in, I move one meter closer. If I miss both, game over and I have to start from 3 meters. This helps to find the confident range, and there's real pressure in making that second putt from far if you missed the first (as it's boring to start from scratch), and you can't be sloppy from close.

If you have three putters you need all in to advance, two to stay in the same distance and one to move closer.

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I get together with a couple of buddies and we play "D-I-S-C" its like pig but putting. I find that it really forces you t hit putts on ways and lines you wouln't really consider, it gives you some practice on dealing with pressure, and it makes putting fun. I swear this game has made it to where my confidence is sky high every putt i take.
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I like to mix up my putting practice routine... I usually use between 4-7 putters depending on what I'm doing. They are all the same mold/weight (minus my one GT Banger, I love that guy).

I'll work different lines out from the basket and start at 10 ft and move back 5 ft after each round up to ~35-40' and keep track of my makes out of total attempts (30/36)


I'll hold all my putters in both hands at the basket, close my eyes and flick them all out at once (usually they spread out from 15-25') and then I am forced to walk to each one and treat it as it's own unique putt so I can't have a second throw from that one spot, only one chance to make it.

I really liked Brodysseus' idea of a variation of around the world with the advance/regress tactic. I'm going to implement that into my next putting practice for sure!
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Here's a link to a game I have been playing lately. It's helping me stay in a zone where I'm consistently making my putts and pushing out in the distance that I struggle with.
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I. I use one putter
2. I progressive putt starting out (start at 10 feet and move back 3 feet after every putt)
3. Constantly move around... Most people get 10 disc and throw from one spot but when does that happen in an actual round?? You want to move around, putt one at 30 and the next at 15. You want to simulate a game. Every putt in a round is different from the last.
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