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Default Constantly throwing with hyzer

I think I throw to many shots with hyzer. During any given round (casual play, leagues & tourneys) I'd say roughly 80-90% of my tee & approach shots are thrown with hyzer. I'm concerned its becoming a crutch. When I do field work I practice throwing annys, turnovers etc. but I rarely throw them during any round. I feel over the last couple years as my games improved I'm throwing more hyzer shots. Maybe its a byproduct of my distance improving? Especially in the last year or so I find myself throwing hyzers over the top of obstacles instead of "snaking around them". I was thinking it could also be because I throw both backhand & sidearm. If a hole finishes to the right I find myself throwing a forehand hyzer A LOT more than I throw a backhand anny or turnover shot (vice versa for holes that finish left). Since I do field work & practice shaping lines is this just not an issue? Anyone else experience this? Maybe I'm addicted to the consistency of hyzer? I'm all ears.
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In many situations, the hyzer is the smart shot because it's easier to range and control. It's always good to have other tools available though.
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When in doubt-- take the hyzer route.

I feel you and its pretty normal progression I would say but think its still important to master a turnover BH line. When I practice solo rounds or with friends we generally will take both routes to the basket and compare.
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Need to find some highly wooded courses that favor right to left tosses and work on that part of your game, if concerned. If you are playing in places where hyzer routes are available and you are hitting them, I would not be concerned.
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I find there are some shots I have to force myself to practice on the course as well. I actually removed Blazes from my bag because I relied on them so heavily and when I came to a shot where I needed something else in that range I couldn't reliably perform it.

If you don't have a super huge variety of holes on the courses you play the most then it's hard to practice a huge variety of shots in some sort of real setting. On the flip side, if you spend too much time practicing the harder shots, you run the risk of lowering your percentages on shots that you'll actually use the most in local tournaments. You just have to evaluate how useful those other shots will be to you.
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if it's getting you where you want to go,,, don't worry about it.
you still practice other shots, so they are in your bag if you need them.
if it aint broke. don't fix it.
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No such thing as too much hyzer. Learn sidearm too and take sidearm hyzers for left to right shots. The hyzer is the most natural throw and it's what the disc wants to do anyway. Why fight it?

There are very very few situations where an anhyzer backhand will get you to a place where a hyzer sidearm wont. The only exceptions are s-shots and dead straight shots. Well, and an occasional bush that you have to climb into and really can't throw anything but backhand cause the bush is on your right.

Hyzer is never wrong. You see all that talk about OAT and torking discs and people who want to buy comets to learn to throw hyzers? Be happy that you dont have all these problems is my main advice ^^
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