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Originally Posted by kutz167 View Post
Since I do not react to poison ivy (knock on wood) I would have to say it is the pokey plants.

Funny Story:
I personally thought it was hilarious when I was at an Ace Race in Illinois last year and a number of people, including me, overshot the basket by a bit and ended up in a very large patch of poison ivy. I was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt and just walked right in like there was nothing there and didn't even get a tiny bit itchy from it. The guys I was with were looking at me like I was some kind of idiot lol.
I was the same way for 45 years. Could practically roll naked in the stuff and never have the least hint of irritation. My mother-in-law would always ask me to pull up the stuff from her landscaped areas where she didn't want to spray Brush-b-gone because it would kill the good plants. Did that one time too many and ended up with massive itching, oozing, even bleeding sores all up and down both legs. Took nearly a month to recover and still have a couple of faint scars from the worst spots. So don't push your luck.
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Poison Ivy. If I walk near that stuff I seem to get it.

I got into the Giant Hogweed or maybe wild parsnip a few years ago and the tiniest amount of sap on skin raises significant blisters that take forever to heal
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Poison Ivy - Itchy
Burdocks -
Green Briar - tear your sh.. in a heart beat
Black berry - getting in is the easy part.
Cedar -collects discs then those spines fall down your back when you go up to retrieve
Boring old field grass - when it doesnt get mowed
Honey Locus - big dumb spikes
ileagnus - little spikes grows like crazy under canopu
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I hate the damn burr bushes. After a round it takes me a half hour to get all the burrs off my clothes. Ill take cut up legs and hands over burrs
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Poison Ivy and Raspberry Bushes second.
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Poison ivy, Oak and sumac

Just a helpful hint:

I am ultra allergic to all the all the above plants, I mean ULTRA allergic. I was told a few years ago to carry hand sanitizer in my bag to eliminate the oils from these plants that get on my skin and disc. I don't know the science, if any behind this or if it is some kind of placebo effect, but on the past few years I have been getting less and less of the poison oak, ivy and sumac. Just run some of the sanitizer on your disc, hands or wherever you feel you touched or got the oils on you. I seems to work for me.

Edit : Also Bull Nettle, that stuff SUCKS!! Especially because you have to ask someone to do a little R Kelly on the spot that is burning with pain!!

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Its called the Tonawanda Coke Plant. Not what you'd call a "green" plant.

On the disc golf course, its probably trees. They get in the way all the time. But so do bushes and tall grass. Hmmm...

Poison Ivy is a bitch, but honestly I'd say this:

Giant Hogweed.
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Briar bushes don't bother me but the briar trunks do. I grabbed one the other day trying to steady myself. Still hurts.
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A list of the NW's most annoying plants:

Poison oak/ivy
Himalayan blackberry
Scotch broom
Stinging nettle
Wild holly
Russian thistle
Originally Posted by notroman View Post
Did no one notice the HOUSE that has been overrun by kudzu in the center of this picture?

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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post

In the separate world of course construction it's vines, not briars, that we curse. A small clearing project, tied together with vines, becomes a nightmare.
^this and any brush that houses ticks.
I'd rather have poison ivy head to toe than lyme disease.
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