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Default Starting discs for female friend

So I have a female friend who is interested in learning how to play disc golf. She's currently checking out some of the discraft videos on youtube. I already suggested nothing beyond a fairway driver to start with. What weights are a good start for her? I was recently recommended around 165 for fairways/drivers and 168-170 for mids. Same for her?
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I got my gf a 136 dx leopard, 150ish diamond, 150 teebird, 160ish dx skeeter, 165 d stratus, and an APX (mostly based off of what I had laying around) She has the most luck with the diamond, and she can get some good d out of the leopard. We played our first round mostly with the skeeter, but she had the most fun when she started throwing the drivers and getting some nice d.

If you're helping her learn, this is what worked for me: make sure the focus is on fun whether or not you count strokes, keep having fun. I am learing to throw with my left (off) hand as she's learning right. I can face her and demonstrate the same motion. She can occasionally out drive me, and beat me by 4 strokes the last time we played, and I'm learning a skill that will be helpful on the course someday.
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the diamond, Pearl and Ruby were designed for women and children.
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Just came in to see how quickly someone said "Get her a teebird".

At least it wasn't "170ish Champ Teebird" LOL
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Buzzz, Teebird and Comet are a couple of things I was considering already. Here is what I already have in my bag, so she will get a chance to throw some things before we go to a course. There looks to be a pretty good store where she lives, so we may end up getting her some discs before we go play, not sure yet.

Discraft 172 Pro D Magnet (Soft)
Gateway 171 Wizard (Eraser)
Gateway 175 Warlock SSS
Innova 167 Aviar DX

Discraft 175 Buzzz Elite Z
Innova 175 Panther Champion
Innova 166 DX Wolf

Discraft 174 Pro D Surge
Discraft 171 Z Nuke SS
Innova 172 Beast DX
Innova 168 Champion Groove
Innova 171 Sidewinder DX
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Just about any traditional putter is fine, a mid weight stable to understable mid like a shark, diamond, flying squirrel and a light base plastic fairway driver like a leopard, cheetah or cyclone, that's a fantastic beginner set that lets new players feel like they have a full arsenal of discs but still are throwing good discs for their power and skill level.
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I always recommend a 150 Class Z Storm, great starter disc for weaker arms. They are OOP but often available for about $12. It's easy to throw and holds up well on the course.
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Is she an athlete? If not, and trust me on this one, get her a Stratus. You can give her a putter too if it makes you/her feel good.

Don't try to do the whole "omgzors dgcr says avoid OAT and get X,Y,and Z experimental disc and company" blah blah blah. Get a disc that's flippy as sh*t and has tons of glide. I had put a stratus in my bag to practice midrange BH rollers, and went out of town with the gf. She forgot her discs (a putter, a buzzz, and a JLS is her bag) and we went to play a course. I gave her one of my putters and my stratus from my bag, and it was the happiest round I've ever seen her throw. Newer/casual players don't care about the technical crap, they just want to see the disc stay in the air for as long as possible.
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Leopard, Xpress, Stratus, Magnet, Underworld, Mamba,Comet. I did not encourage my wife, when starting out to go to light weights, just something understable. As she progressed the discs still fit her for years to come.
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my wife has been playing with me after I introduced her to it about 2.5 years ago. her most used discs are:

168 Star Shark
light weight elitex cyclone*
and a 150g champ mamba*

*the later 2 were gotten at the womens worlds event last year.

she also carries 3-4 other discs but those are her most used. got her first ace with the mamba last week on a 236ft hole.

anything neutral->understable and not max weight should be fine. its going to be more about form than disc choice (same as guys).
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