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I attended the finale for our local doubles league; a round of glow at Redeemer Park. I was happy to shoot a 51 with my partner although we were a few strokes out of the money; fun stuff!
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In a word, ERRATIC! Wimpy drives, sprayed the upshots all over the place, and my putting was atrocious. Shot +7 at the Dizzle. I'm surprised my score was as low as it was. At least there wasn't any double bogeys.

All in all a beautiful day.
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Left my putters in the basket at home and had to use my daughter's Ruby, and it was way too windy for it so putting sucked. Still 1-over, though. Pinnacle Rival was working -- 300-ft laser -- it's a beautiful thing.
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Played a putters and mids only round. Played poorly, but can't blame the lack of my Patriot, Cyclone, and Underworld. The trees attacked my Pain and Comet. It was still a beautiful day to be out by the lake throwing plastic.
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Oh. by the way, my new granddaughter was born yesterday, so I could have thrown a 100 and been happy. Prioritiies?????????
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more work at the local 9'er. took a -3, meh. would've been satisfied with a worse score if my putting had been better.

did a lot of work at the practice basket and figured it out; back on track. i love how 30-45 foot putts no longer seem daunting. i used to always worry about my comeback putts and try to gently settle it into the chains. now i just run it and put it in if i miss. no biggie.

been purposely beating in my 171g soft wizard, man that thing is straight now. such a workable putter. i think i'm going to just use it for putting now and start to beat up/grind down the bead on my harder organic so i can get it to a sweet spot and keep it as my main driver for a long time.

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Finished second in our nine-week long handicapped league by one throw. One lousy throw. To the guy who talked on a putt I missed on the second hole… :P
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Played my local 2 courses today had a blast. Worked on putting and driving with a putter. One of the last times before the snow hits. So I would say awesome time and did prerty darn good cold hands where worth it.
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Played my home course today with a friend that has been playing for a while but is just starting to get the form down. Had a great time showing him the ropes and wasn't even think about my score.
I step up to 15 and realize I just birdied 8,9,11,12,13, and 14 along with 2 and 4. So with bogeys on 3 and 7 I'm still at -6. My personal best is -5 so I tightened up and played serious trying to beat my best and ended up shooting birds on 15,16, and 18. Ended -9 beating my personal best by 4 strokes.
The icing on the cake is doing it in front of someone your trying to teach. I always seem to bang trees when I'm trying to show someone something so it felt good to shoot lights out for most of the day.

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Good night. Four down at Crystal Lake in Beaver Dam. Drives and putts both dialed in.

Is this what it feels like to be a god?
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