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Not too good. Cold hands. Forgot my handwarmers. Fortunately there was almost no wind. Started with a birdie. And birdied at least 4 others. But the rest were mostly bogeys with a double thrown in there. If I were to guess I'd say about +3.

Now that I think about it, it isn't that bad.
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Originally Posted by zgmc View Post
You don't want to know what we say about people from ohio.
I'm pretty sure I've heard most of it. You're fortunate enough to live in one of the better parts of MI, very nice in your area.
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I played great in my dining room with my DGA M14 basket. Nobody would join me at the local course.
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Played in the SFDGC weekly yesterday morning and used my new drive form (a four step into drive rather than the 2 step I was using the last couple months). Took away from accuracy a good bit, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would. A few times, I noticed a significant increase in my snap though. Woohoo! Shot a +11 for the day, so not too far from my avg.

Also played my first ever glow round last Thurs night. It was a double's tourney and my partner (Sean) was nailing his drives all night long! I had a VERY good putting night, so between us it was really working. Ended up -8 for the night and took second place!!!

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i caught some SERIOUS luck on two drives, but wound up taking advanced with -1 at kaposia; second time ever at the chilly dog league!

we had a hot card, it was pretty awesome. we all played advanced - one of the other guys tagged an ACE on hole 18 for 250$ and yet another of my buddies got CTP on hole 5. all in all, a fun round. everyone took turns shoveling the teepads and my cardmate gave me a handwarmer that definitely saved my ass - i had left my gloves in the car overnight!

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Played like sh1t first round, but did 8 strokes better the 2nd. Still didn't place
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Started out crappy. Shanking everything for 4 holes. I blew it off, went to have some lunch, and came back to try again. Muuuuch better. Played the front nine, and although I ended up over I made a few nice shots.
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Squeezed in 27 at Seneca Creek on a windy day, throwing nothing faster than fairway drivers. Played surprisingly well for not touching a disc since last weekend. The Zone was working particularly well on tricky FH approaches, and I made three 35-40 putts on the first three holes (one for birdie, two for par saves).

Eventually I remembered how to drive and started hitting lines consistently. On #23B (short tee, left circle in pic) there is a tight anny line to the left of the closest tree in this pic:

I hit the line three times in a row. The first drive was too low. The next two drives ended up almost on top of each other about 10 right of the basket. That line is a great option for doubles if partner has a safe drive.

Also nearly hit a skip ace on 19A (circled in pic) from the short tee, throwing a standstill S-FD to the right of the leaning tree. Snow on the ground yielded some nice skips all day (and a few that were not so nice ).

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Well yesterday.....played in my first ever local club monthly. Decided to play Rec because I just started playing a few months ago. Ended up winning the thing by 7!!!! Felt good, played pretty well.

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Played the SFDGC weekly tourney this morning, shot a +5, pretty decent for me after personal best +4 last week.

Thursday I played two new courses for me, Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa (the roll aways really really suck there), then Aquatic Park in Berkeley (ugly busy park, but decent course).

Friday I played a round at Stafford, then a round at SFDGC.

Tomorrow I head to Santa Cruz to hit up DeLa.

I love the holidays!!

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