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Lumberton DGA's Monthly pot was caped at $300 with a $200+ secondary Ace pot. No one had hit an ace in 2 years. Then it happened on Back to back months
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Does anybody have a bad-beat ace pot? Like a 300ft tee shot straight through the chains?
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$1400 bucks. As the pot grew over the weeks the word got out and we drew bigger and bigger crowds.

The guy who hit the ace was my random draw partner that week ( Dbls league). He gave me none of the pot and btw I did not expect it or deserve it. We had no agreement to split and I was happy to take the 1 on the scorecard.

This guy had never been to the course before and came with a car full. By all reports everyone in his car has agreed to split if they hit. When he hit he called his wife on cell and decided to dishonor his agreement, keeping it all for himself. It was hilarious as a heated discussion followed at the end of the round. I can just imagine the ride home.

I have never seen him since. But I still hear versions of the story told at our league.
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Ours has reached a record $27. Yep. Partially because it's an easy course, and partially because we've only been playing it as an ace pot for three weeks... Somebody threw a mini off of hole 1 and black aced hole 18 though... Probably about 150' downhill. He got some signatures, a ton of cheering, and nothing else.
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Originally Posted by Royal Hill View Post
I am still after many years playing, getting to terms with some aspects of disc golf social culture. Especially in regards to the cash money side. I'd never been around so much small time gambling before.

One observation intrigues me in that players see "their money" in an ace pool, even after a long period of time. I've always felt that once you released your dollar into a community pool, you were essentially releasing claim to it. Sure you can hope, and play your heart out today, but once your 18 holes are done, you are back in your car and on your way. I tend to believe that No good tends to come from retaining a protective claim on money released this way.
This seems like a funny attitude to me also. You had your shots for your dollar. You still expect to make more back than you put in... Try going to Vegas with that attitude.
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Originally Posted by scarpfish View Post
You know how some of us only play the lottery when it gets really high? Well some players treat other clubs ace pots in much the same manner. I don't think its unreasonable for a club that has a core group of locals that show up week after week want to protect an ace pot that to a great degree has been built by those people from a one timer who shows up solely to attempt to take it, and doesn't come back if he succeeds.

We don't exclude such people from our pot, but unless they buy a club bag tag, they only take half of what someone with a bag tag takes for an ace.

There's no hard and fast rule on that sort of thing. Sort of depends on local tradition.
Our pot is at 330. Pays out 50% to club members $165. Pays out 25% to non club members $82.5. Keeps it from ever being zero, and from being drained by one-timers.
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Our local doubles league is at about $250ish. As the ace pot grows, there will be a sudden rush of new players showing up and 3 aces in one day. That's how it usually goes
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we cap each ace at 200 dollars, and the whole pot is over 500... yeah not many aces are hit for some reason.
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480 is the biggest ace pot we had. It was two separate ace pots though. We had our normal ace pot which we cap at 100 (which has 400 backed up behind it from no aces last year). Then we have the super ace pot which was 380. The super ace pot is a new thing we started doing. It originally starts at 0, from 0-200 bucks it's 1 dollar to play for it. When it hits 200, it's 2 bucks to play for it and so on. It really boosts the ace pot quick. It's been hit already this year by a person who paid for both of them. At this moment, the super ace pot is already back up at 230 and the regular is capped at 100 again.

We also do the 25% for non club members who hit an ace. When you start telling the non-regular players that, they quickly spend the 25 bucks to get their club membership (which includes a disc and a bag tag). Membership is booming this year :-)
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Aside from a regular weekly ace pot, one of our leagues has a "Super Ace" pot - you have to pay in for each week of the pot's existence, even if you didn't play that week. So, if I started the league when the pot was already 3 weeks old, I'd have to pay into those 3 weeks also.

The highest I've heard it's ever been was last year when it topped $1400.
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