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Pures, Rivers, Wraiths, Beadless Gators, Sidewinders, Flat Rocs, Old Innova Disc
I have been away for a while so I haven't gotten to try any disc that have been released in the last 8 months or so.

Braves, NC State, and Panthers fan

Hats: XL

Shirts: Don't worry about shirts... I big.

Candy likes soft toys with squeakers.

Not a big Discraft thrower.
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I'm in for one large this time. I find I do better if I spoil one, and pick up some slack.
I like (in order): Beer, Swag, I like understable stuff, would like a bright Tursas, maybe a tangent, I like odd stuff, collectibles, minis, beer, swag, really I'm pretty easy. I wear an XL shirt, and a Large hat. I like long goofy socks.
Not a fan of: Overstable warp speed drivers. Lagers. Pilsners. beer under 5%ABV.
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Originally Posted by PhillyMatt View Post
Is this different then the other one...?
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bump it up!
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Thanks, Dad
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Wants: 150-160 Star Teebirds, 150-160 Star Eagle-X, 160-168 GL Saints, Non-TM Diamonds, Ching/DX/Champ/KCPRo Rancho Rocs, ROC3, textured Soft Ions/Any Ions, Zones, Nanos, Axe Pucks

Colors: White/Cream, Pink, Orange. I like whites for dyes, Colors really don't matter, i prefer no fly dyes, But honestly unless you are buying New this doesn't matter.

Sports Teams: Michigan State Spartans, Detroit Lions, Boston Celtics (Rajon Rondo), Detroit Tigers

Shirt Size: XL (I like DryFits :-D)

Hat Size: Large (Don’t like snap backs)

Want to try: Any of the Westside Fairways, Blizzard Condor, any DD(Fairway, Mids, or Putters), MVP Fairways, Your favorite Disc!

Dislikes: Warp Speed Drivers, Zepplins, most Blizzard stuff.

Random Sutff: I like horrible movies(most horror), but am a snob and only watch Blu Ray, I like DC Comics (Batman, Flash, Black Adam are my favs), I love Jerky, Coffee, SunFlower Seeds, most snacks, Local Hot Sauces, Beers IPA’s are my favorite. I play a lot of computer games, favorite shows are breaking bad, game of thrones, dexter and parks and rec. I like to fish. I play most Card/Board Games. Anything you think I will like I will most likely like!!!!!

Thanks for doing this, if you need any help please let me know I will be more then willing to.
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I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! I will be in new mexico all summer but will be getting a steady paycheck and can receive mail! Let's do this!
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July SS Wish list:
Likes- MVP Drivers (looking for a true amp), Dynamic discs (looking to fill my distance driver slot with a trespass maybe?) Judges( looking to try an emac fuzion judge for drives, but love First run firms in white, baby blue, or grey)
Dislikes- westside, innova, discraft. (I do however throw shark3s, xcals and flicks, but thats it)
Want to try: Prodiscus- Jokeri and Salidi in premium for both.Hat size- S-M,Shirt Size- M,Accessories-desperately need a retriever
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MVP (especially soft Anodes)
Anything Speed 11 or less
I prefer used discs actually...
Glow, White or BRIGHT

Shirt: Small
Hat: XL (7 5/8 fitted)

DX Distance Drivers
<160g discs
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This was a lot of fun last Christmas, I am in again for one package.

Throws: Innova. Rocs, Teebirds, TLs, Destroyers, 11x KC Aviars, Rhynos, Valkyries, Wraiths
Likes: Max weight putters, mids and fairway drivers, 167-70 Distance drivers. Glow discs. KC Plastic.
Dislikes: Plus molds, tie-dye discs.
Like to try: KCP Teebird thrower, CE thrower, Ching Roc, Innova molds I didn't list.
Hat: Regular man sized hat
Shirt: XL

I'll be happy with anything, things you think everyone should have or try, things not on my list, etc.
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I'm in for two.

In the Bag:
Wizards (the older the better), Lucid Suspect, flat dx rocs, kc pro roc, z comet, Star / champ teebirds (T and TL), star / champ firebirds, domey c-fd, light (168-172) star wraiths, light (167-172) flat star destroyers

Likes: I'm currently digging on the prodigy mids, they just haven't kicked anything out of my bag. I'm also pretty open to trying new things, so dont' take the bag as a strict list. Also, any condition of flat topped dx rocs, 11x teebirds and TLs, fr destroyers, and ss and stiffer wizards always accepted

Dislikes: I don't like discs with a really thin profile (mamba and tern), I don't really like the mvp discs, and I have plenty of power so I don't have much use for discs that start out very understable (vulcan, bolt, etc.)

Shirts: I normally wear a XXL, bump it a size for non collared dri-fits, and I don't wear hats very often.

Other: Any and all swag is appreciated, especially minis or scorecard holders with your local clubs stamp
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