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Bump, wow it seems like not to many people have signed up.
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I'm in again!

What I Throw: GL and Opto Halos (high 160s to low 170s), Opto Saints, Escapes (Bio and Lucid), Rivals (Icon & Pinnacle), Opto XXX, GL River, Neutron Tangent, Neutron Tensor, Fugitives (Bio & Lucid), Pures (Zero Soft, Old Zero, GL & Opto)

What I Would Like to Try: more Legacy mids and drivers (I have plenty of Rivals though - most interested in the Patriot), MVP Eclipse Axis and/or Tangent, any Vibram you think I might like, DD Fuzion Escape/Fugitive (not Bio), DD Classic Fugitive, Prodiscus drivers, Moonshine plastic

What I don't Like: Innova, Discraft, Lightning, Discmania (PDs are OK, but I have several), Prodigy (not too impressed so far with D1, D4, M1 and M3, but if you feel one of their other mids or putters could change my mind, I'll give it a day in court)

Other Interests: I enjoy local brews and/or snacks (any local swag really), Star Wars, Krav Maga, I have a dog that enjoys going to parks with me (he loves treats too...), I enjoy Game of Thrones (show and books - am actually missing 5th book), I wear XL shirts and L/XL hats, paleo friendly snacks/bars are a plus!!
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BUMP, lets get some more signed up!
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bump bump bump instead of beep beep beep
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Down for two! I'm feelin extra generous this year (ie I have a lot of extra discs to move)! My want list is below:

Gonna say I love me some Cryztal Flx plastic, so anything below in that would make my July. I'm fine with any base plastic except for Pro D, which I despise. Weights for drivers are usually between 168 - 173 for me, with mids being anything 170+. Putters I prefer 170+ as well.

I KNOW I like:

Sick Dye jobs
Eraser Magics
Eraser Wizards
DX Gators
Craft Beer
Snacks! (jerky in particular, the stranger the animal, the better)
Anything bizarre that will make me chuckle
gear (minis, towels, hats (large) clothing (extra long, I'm all torso and 6'3)
Good Scify or Fantasy novels you think are awesome

I'd like to try:

Prodigy Putters
A Heavier, premium plastic Lid putter
Prodigy M4
Star Gator
Cryztal Buzzz
10th anny buzz (or a real barstamp if you love me)
S Line Element

I know I DON'T want:

Anything Pro D (yuck)
Rocs (got plenty thanks)
High speed drivers (cutting those out of my diet)
Premium plastic putters (aside from what's mentioned above)
Scorecards (got a couple reusables already)

Thanks to my Secret Santas in advance!
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33 total participants so far. Keep em coming
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I'm IN, again

I prefer white or clear discs, so I can dye them to my liking. If not white or clear, I prefer the brightest neon colors out there(green, pink, etc). Glow is great too(premium/Z/Champ, not DX glow). Also, I prefer to avoid black stamps at all costs. They just don't wipe clean, regardless of mfr.
Prefer lowest weight to be 168g, anything higher on any disc is groovy.

I Want:
-- DD Judge -- soft
-- I'm curious to try DD mids(Fugitive, Suspect, Verdict)
-- Champ Firebird. I know, right? I want another thumber disc, and I end up borrowing and loving those of my friends. Would LOVE a Champ Glow Firebird, but would happily date any Champ Firebird
-- Star Tern. That disc is just the bawls. I have one, would love a backup.
-- a FrogToggs Chilly Pad

I Don't Want:
-- black stamps
-- DX/baseline plastics
-- high speed drivers(unless it's a Star Tern)
-- no scrubs

-- I LOVE JERKY -- especially crazy things like spicy jerky, bacon jerky, salmon jerky, or any kind of game jerky you can find(venison, duck, rabbit, wildebeast, etc)
-- local stuff -- anything from where you're from! ANYTHING! Beer, food, bumper stickers, spices, sweater vests, whatever your town is known for
-- hat size is Large, I really like the Flexfit-type hats
-- shirt size is Large -- I love all things dri-fit
-- I am a HUGE Formula1 fan, especially Ferrari
-- I am an even bigger ALABAMA football fan, I am a proud alum of all things BAMA
-- I play electric guitar
-- between this post and when the contest ends, I will have gotten married.

I think that's enough info about me to meet the $15 requirement.
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I'm in!

Teebirds and TLs
Cobras (especially champion)
Flicks (I'd love to try a glow)
I'd love to try a sword or saint or river or some other euro plastic everyone raves about
Anything really.

I don't really throw discraft except for the flick.
I don't throw rocs.
Other than that I'm not too picky.

Oh yeah hat size L/XL and t-shirt size L or XL.
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I'm in 4 (2)!

hat size L/XL
shirt size XL

red, pink and white discs
Latitude 64
Dynamic discs
stiff Wizards
(drivers 170g or less/ putters and mids 170g or more)

In my bag:

Innova except maybe star teebirds
tie dye or other hard to find colors
super fast drivers except maybe D3-4
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Not being picky, but if the my SS has this stuff available:

Light weights = OK
Prefer bright, solid colors
Nothing super overstable
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