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Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
You've never seen him at a tournament then I'm guessing. Dude detracts more people from the sport that he actually encounters.

These new guys are just on a different level than the Emac, Avery, etc.
Your right, never met him or seen him in person, but you have to admit he is almost always at the forefront of doing clinics, vids, etc.
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Avery did well in Europe recently and McCabe is still a good player, he just isnt at that Wysocki-McBeth level at any time. Who would you take over 5 NTs McCabe vs. Koling? Ulibarri? Leviska? Seems that some of these players "declines" are moreso staying at the same level while the top is crashing through the ceiling.
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I would take Leiviska over all those names for sure, the thing with Cale right now is he has opened his own disc shop up recently and has not been playing across the country like he was this time last year. He won the Vibram and Beaver State fling last year, 2 of 6 NT, always in the hunt. I would say you go Wysocki, McBeth and Schusterick in that order at the top, then the next level of guys I would say are Leiviska, Locastro, Feldberg and Doss.
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Avery is why I dont watch pros....whiny and self obsessed.
Nikko is exactly the same. NSDG tour must have been hell for Will..
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Originally Posted by Agricolae View Post
Disc golf is a tough "profession". After you've reached the level that these guys have, and you're approaching or past 30-years-old, what would motivate you to continue putting 100% of your energy into being a top competitor?

Would you still enjoy traveling every weekend? Sleeping in other peoples houses in order to save money? #1 payout for the top tournaments only in the (low) thousands, and others being much, much less?

Young guys aren't thinking about buying a house, building up the 401k, saving for the kids' college tuition. Disc golf is a cool sport. If you have the chops to compete at the highest level, turn it up, and be the best. Then, it might be wise to consider a very early retirement to play for personal enjoyment and occasional supplemental cash.

Just some thoughts.
I can see this.
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ITT a bunch of rec-intermediate players criticizing someone for "only" playing 1020 golf is pretty funny. On top of that they are doing it to 2 of the very few pros who actually do something with disc golf other than play tournaments.

basically: to play 1030+ you have to practice all the time, be constantly improving. When other stuff comes along that you want to do, sometimes tournament disc golf might have to take a back seat, especially when these other gigs(like getting paid to teach disc golf in europe for a month) are pretty sweet. Maybe they are thinking about their future...because in case anyone hasn't noticed, living out of your car on tour for 25k/year doesn't exactly bode well for the future.
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It's obvious. They aren't throwing Prodigy.
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When today's top players get past age 30, we'll see how things shake up for them.
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Here are a few thoughts:

1. It takes a lot of motivation and work to constantly be at the top of your game. It you aren't practicing 6 days a week and playing rounds most of those days in addition to your putting practice and up shot practice, you probably aren't going to be at the top of your game consistently. If your practice isn't focused, it isn't going to be worth a whole lot. It takes a lot to be a touring pro and the top guys are putting in the effort.

2. It isn't always about effort and desire. You can devote all your time to one thing and you will either end up bored out of your mind or your knowledge will become extremely limited and focused. The world has yet to revolve around disc golf or any other sport for that matter. Lots of professional athletes in other top sports struggle with a work life balance as well.

3. The game as in any sport is something that is constantly evolving. Technique, strategy and who knows what else are constantly changing in sports. The mental process and physical parts of the game are not something that remains constant over time and the best players figure out how to adapt to the changes and must constantly be improving.

That being said, the guys that are currently the best players in the world have figured out how to do these three things better than the others. Some guys may be focused more on one of these three things than the others and some may be lacking in certain areas. But it is my contention that the top players in the world are doing all three of these things better than everyone else.
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One thing is for sure, we will see a "golden era" in the Masters Division in the next 5-10 years
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