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Default Man dies while playing disc golf

A Kansas City man died while playing disc golf at 3:20am this morning.
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3:20am is late even for glow golf. Stupid power lines
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What was he doing in the park at 3:20 AM?! Gotta be sleeping at that time! That would be a terrible way to go. I hope that the friend ends up okay.
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Well that sucks!
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Damn, what a chitty way to go.
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Either it was a post-closing time round of glow, or maybe the guy works second shift and doesn't get out of work until midnight or something. Not everyone is a 9-5er...3am is like 8pm to some people.

Then again, this is a park where a big tournament is going on this weekend, so maybe the guy really wanted to get a round in and 3am was the only time he figured the course wouldn't be clogged up with tournament players. Obviously, not a smart decision on this guy's part.
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Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
Obviously, not a smart decision on this guy's part.
A glow round's a glow round. What does it matter if was 9 PM or 3 AM?

Downed power lines are bad news, period. And he had the horrible misfortune to get tangled up in one.


Apart from the horrible end, at least he want out playing disc golf!
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I was at rosey when the weather got crazy, i have a short video of the fire and powerline. Illtry and upload later. That front that rolled in was no joke, snappin tree limbs and obviously knocked down the line.

The city was called immediately to come fix it, the neglected to do that, theyre liable imo. Nothin will happen tho because im sure the park is closed at that hour so they shouldnt have been there. Sucks either way

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Curious that the article doesn't mention if alcohol was involved.
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