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I paid for the supposed 8/10 champion Cobra. This disc as pictured is clearly not an 8/10 and I knew that going into the deal. I agreed to pay for it, albeit more than I should have, I wanted one more back up for my champ cobras.
If you have dealt with me on this forum two things you will know about me. One is I clearly ask for tracking, up front. Two, I pay instantly as soon as a deal is agreed to.

I had to literally beg this guy for tracking, and he gave every resistant excuse in the world. Acted like it would bankrupt him to pay the extra $1.50 to send priority over first class. After over a week with no updates to the tracking, I assumed the disc was lost. It did however randomly show up. The packaging was a complete joke, it was wrapped in what appeared to be an old paper grocery bag or butchers paper, just enough to cover the disc and add a label. No bubble envelope, no cardboard insert, NO "Do Not Bend" marking on the outside. To top it all off the disc was so warped that it was beyond usable. I tried to flatten it out under some weight and it was still tacoed, so it went in the trash.

I offered to pay the difference in cost between first class and priority for every disc he sells on here for the next 10 years. I don't want anyone else to go through what I'd did with this guy. Clearly money is tight with him so I'll offer to help out. He said he is a mechanical engineer, but I can only imagine the salary one would draw living california with that profession. I happen to be a mechanical engineer myself, and though I only live lowly NC, my salary is sufficient that $1.50 for tracking will not break the bank.

There seems to be a disconnect with trading etiquette on this forum with so e folks. This attitude portrays the "Buyer" to be devoid of any rights or power in the transaction. This attitude says, you better pay me now and Ill ship it to you in my good sweet time, and how dare you ask me to negotiate or do anything other than at my upmost leisure and convenience? You are lucky I am even willing to let you have the opportunity to buy my precious gems of plastic! Well, I SAY BULL****!! The customer is always right, and something is only worth what the market will bear. People need to realize that asking prices and selling prices are two completely different things. If you have the time to create a "For Sale" add then, you have the time and responsibility to promptly follow up with the folks who's money you take. It doesn't matter the amount of money, when people part with it they expect action to happen.

I understand the risk involved with dealing online, and that all transactions will not go well. I suppose I have been very lucky so far for most all of them to have gone very well. Most people do a fantastic job. I suppose I got burned on this one, and it was bound to happen sometime. I just want people to be aware that this is a lazy, entitled, and cheapskate seller. He does not value your patronage or your dollars.

I was going to let it go, and chalk this up to a loss and a lesson. HOWEVER, this charming fellow (who begrudgingly paid for tracking) was right on top of watching the progress online. As soon as the disc arrived, I received a PM ASKING for positive feedback, lol! That's like a dog ****ting in the house and wanted a treat for it.

Don't beg for positive feedback!! It really undermines the whole system. I don't want to give anyone negative feedback, and thus will elect not to for this chum as he has requested. But I wanted the good folks of this forum to be aware of what they are dealing with. The fact that a seller has reached a 90+ positive rating shows exactly why begging for positive feedback is a failed system. Basically peoples ratings are not accurate, it should be a rule to not ask for feedback, only let people post feedback at they're free will, and you will have a truer picture of the reality. If you hold up your end of the deal, you should not need to ask for positive feedback, let your actions speak for themselves.
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