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One Ball Rule

One time ... this guy tossed his ball to his caddy after marking it. The caddy missed the ball, which went into a lake. The guy was stroked when he couldn't recover it.
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Originally Posted by discoholic View Post
We should be allowed at least; 1 stable, 1 straight, and 1 understable each of driver, mid, and putter. So that's at least 9 discs.

But I like to carry a fairway driver for shots between a driver and mid. So we need to add 1 disc. Or maybe 3, so we can have stable, straight and understable fairway drivers too. So that's 10 (maybe 12) discs.

I don't like to throw my putting putter, so that's 11 (13) discs.

A super understable disc for rollers, 12 (14) discs.

A super overstable disc for head wind or forehand, 13 (15) discs.

So, 15 discs seems to represent all the throws in my bag and arm. (There would need to be a provision for replacing lost discs.)

This is how my bag is set up with a couple of Vibrams added for when I need the rubber to absorb a throw and stay.
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3 pro destroyers
Pro starfire
Champ teebird
Crystal buzz
Ti drone
Z hornet
Shark 3
Star teerex
Z flick
2 pures
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1. Star Destroyer
2. Champion Wraith
3. Champion Roadrunner
4. Champion Leopard
5. DX Beast
6. Champion Whippet
7. DX Flat Top Roc
8. Champion Roc3
9. Star Mako
10. R-Pro XD
11. Pro Pig
12. JK Pro Aviar

I have a Blizzard Ape in the bag but rarely use it.
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I saw a guy once that only carried gators, he had like 10 of them and like 3 other drivers, so he'd be in good shape.
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I like this concept, and it would be interesting to see pros adhere to it as well.

For me:

1. Opto Fury
2. Champ Teebird
3. Opto Diamond
4. Lucid Truth
5. VIP Tursas
6. Opto Pain
7. Opto Pure
8. Zero Hard Pure
9. Medium VP
10. Soft Summit
11. Opto Trident

I'd use the last two spots for either practice putters or backup drivers. I think if you limited this to in the bag, but opened it up to backups being allowed if you lost a disc, then it might fly a little more.
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P&A Aviar
Opto Pure
ESP Zone

KC Roc x 2
Champ Roc3

Fairway Drivers:
Glow Champ Teebird
Star TL
Star Leopard x 2

Distance Drivers:
Champ Firebird
Prodigy D4
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Star Destroyer (2)
Star Roadrunner
Champ Monster
Star Eagle (3)
KC Roc (3)
KC Aviar (3)

Looking at that list, I'm starting to wonder why I carry 20...

I guess I usually carry a Valkyrie plus 6 backups for practice shots. It's nice to have the Valk, which gives me an extra 40-50' over my Eagles, but I could go without it if I had to.
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Niced 9 Times in 7 Posts

1. Zero Soft Pure
2. Lucid Suspect (lighter weight)
3. Fuzion Suspect
4. VIP Tursas
5. Star Cro
6. Opto Trident
7. Opto Diamond
8. Neutron Volt
9. Neutron Shock
10. GL Vision
11. VIP Sword
12. VIP AIR Giant
(not sure if I would need this last one)
13. Zero Soft Spike (might would go with an Opto Pure instead)
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Default 14 disc would be parallel to Ball golf

3 putters
main wizard
flippy wizard
backup wizard
2 mids
main buzz
backup buzz
4 drivers
main eagle
backup eagle

9 discs
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