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1. Arbitrary limits to discs carried are absurd.

2. Any number limit is arbitrary.

Seriously though I'm must be a disc nerd at heart because I love seeing what different discs do. If a disc piques my interest, it's hard to resist buying it just to see. At my stage of learning though, what they may do out of my hand changes from month to month as I improve.

Though I try to limit my bag to the discs that I know well and throw well, I'm not always successful. Luckily my bag will only hold 15 if only one is a putter. Lately I've been wanting to carry more putters. I've also been thinking about a larger bag. Here we go!

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Originally Posted by Joggernaut View Post
I've just never seen any sport, game, or activity where you have the option of carrying everything with
you all the time for competition. For me it actually makes the game more fun, when I have to select what I want to bring with me. Plus like I said before it really makes disc versatility and selection more important. I would think the disc makers would be pushing this through the PDGA.
Incorrect'ish. What other sports require you to carry anything except golf? In many other sports you have access to replacements but you dont actually play by carrying anything. Most often, you are confined to a court or field and your unlimited number of replacements is easily accessible. In baseball, tennis, footbal, basketball, Hockey, they have unlimited numbers of sporting tools...balls and rackets, bats, sticks, gloves. It just isnt as likely that you will break a bunch. You can easily lose 3-4 discs in 1 round... Golf is the only thing that compares but our discs are our balls AND club. You can't limit things that are easily broken or lost. The point of the sport is throwing a disc into a basket. It isn't about running out of discs last. It is silly to limit equipment if you cannot ensure that you can limit the number of bad bounces or lucky rolls. In disc golf 2 exactly the same putts...1 sticks, the other bounces out rolls down hill into a river. Allow as many discs as possible. It is not an advantage or disadvantage...other than gimicky by forcing layups and overemphasizing the value of water, prickers, or dense brush. A rule limiting discs would only be slightly valuable in the pro division but be a big detriment to the rec or am. It would also reduce trial or use of smaller companies plastic. Can't do molds because of the inability to check or verify. I mean doesn't half of Prodigy's team stamp Prodigy on other manufacturers discs?

How stupid would it be if a baseball team won the World Series because one of the batters on the other team broke all 3 of the maximum allowed Bats for 1 player. We want to see the Batter vs the Pitcher and fielders. Thats what the sport is about. In disc golf it is disc in hand vs the terrain. Stop worrying about comparing people who throw 8 discs to those who carry 50.
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[QUOTE=discoholic;2076700]We should be allowed at least; 1 stable, 1 straight, and 1 understable each of driver, mid, and putter. So that's at least 9 discs.

But I like to carry a fairway driver for shots between a driver and mid. So we need to add 1 disc. Or maybe 3, so we can have stable, straight and understable fairway drivers too. So that's 10 (maybe 12) discs.

I don't like to throw my putting putter, so that's 11 (13) discs.

A super understable disc for rollers, 12 (14) discs.

A super overstable disc for head wind or forehand, 13 (15) discs.

So, 15 discs seems to represent all the throws in my bag and arm. (There would need to be a provision for replacing lost discs.)

We are playing against the course. I want all my tools to beat the course. I have never heard anyone say that they lost a tournament because their opponent was carrying more discs.[/QUOTE]

But I throw sidearm, Tommy's, Thumbers, Grenades, Backhand, Flick Rollers...so I need 90 discs in my bag. Moreover...if I heard that someone lost a tournament because they ran out of discs... although this brings up a thought. Wouldnt it be silly to enforce a minimum number of discs?
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1.Star Wraith
2.Champion Crush
3.Champion Beast
4.DX Beast
5.Champion Teebird
6.Champion TL
7.DX Gazelle
8.DX Cobra
9.Z Wasp
10.R-Pro Pig
11.Champion Rhyno
12.DX Rhyno
13.Soft Magnet

I don't even play with some of these disc so if I really broke it down to what I needed it would be something like this...

1.Star Wraith
2.DX Beast
3.Champion Teebird
4.Champion TL
5.DX Gazelle
6.DX Cobra
7.Z Wasp
8.Champion Rhyno
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I carry 3 flicks and don't do anything with them but thumbers. 3 stabilities of thumbers. (Slight exaggeration. I also throw the flippy one for short tomahawks.) But really, I throw them because they don't hurt my thumb so much. Also means I have poor grip on them when I try throwing them backhand.
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1- Star Boss
2- Blizzard Boss
3- Star Archon
4- The Secret Weapon
5- Champion Teebird

Mid Range;
6- Glow Roc
7- Champion Roc3
8- Star Mako
9- Shark (VERY similar to Roc, but worse)

Putters (I have more but i like to keep 2 on me for more practice shots on the go)
10- Star Aviar putt and approach
11- Pro Yeti Aviar

I lost my 12th which was an Aerobie Epic which does CRAZY barrel rolls when thrown tomahawk. But then discovered the wecret weapon does really swell tomahawk throws as well.
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1.FR Shock
2.2nd Run Shock
9.SM Rock
11.FLX Challenger
12.Heavy Medium Sole
13.Proton ION
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1. Beefy Destroyer
2. Trespass
3. Renegade
4. 11x Firebird
5. Rival
6. Patriot
7. Fury
8. Verdict
9. Fugitive
10. Jokeri
11. PA1
12. Beat DX Aviar
13. OG Wizard

Pretty much my bag with a couple of spares of my most used molds.
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1. Z Flash
2. Z Flash
3. Z Nuke
4. Z Xpress
5. Blizzard Teedevil
6. Blizzard Destroyer

7. Z Buzzz
8. ESP Buzzz
9. ESP Meteor

10. Soft Banger
11.Soft Banger
12. Pro D Banger
13. ESP Zone
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pretty much what i carry already lol .. minus about 3 aviars

1. beat Star Sidewinder
2. Lucid Escape
3. Bio Escape
4. KC Pro Teebird
5. 11x Teebird
6. DX Teebird
7. Z-Comet
8. Fresh Flat Top Roc
9. Seasoned Roc
10. Beat Roc
11. ESP Zone
12. seasoned San Marino 12x KC Pro Aviar
13. frsh San Marino 12x Kc Pro Aviar
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