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I carry 16 discs in my bag, but alot of the weight comes from other crap. I've got a monocular, pen, pencil, golf ball, tourney tag, knife, machete, camera, bug spray, sunscreen, slingshot, disc retriever, rope, towel, sandpaper, and one to two 32 oz gatorades.

MVP Proton Ion
Discraft Cryztal FLX Zone

MVP Neutron Tangent
MVP Neutron Axis
MVP Neutron Vector
MVP Neutron Tensor
Innova DX Stingray

Innova DX Viper
Innova DX Eagle

MVP Neutron Volt
MVP Neutron Amp
MVP Neutron Shock
Innova Blizzard Champion Wraith
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2 wizards
2 rhynos
3 rocs
1 M1
1 Rival
1 Roadrunner
1 Tern
3 Destroyers
1 Xcal
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1.) 400 D2
2.) Gold Bolt
3.) ESP Avenger SS
4.) Neutron Amp
5.) Banshee (Tomahawks)
6.) Opto Striker
7.) Whippet X
8.) Z Buzzz
9.) Opto Fuse
10.) ESP Zone
11.) Neutron Ion
12.) Textured Ion
13.) SSS Voodoo
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Originally Posted by rickgz View Post
I am with you as I only carry 12 discs with me for casual or tourney play. One or two of my drivers might be swapped in or out as I try some different discs but right now here is my bag:

Wizzard Super Soft
Wizzard Super Stupid Soft

Mid Range
KC Pro Roc
Wasp Elite Z

Blizzard Boss
Star Boss
Blizzard Tee Devil
Star Destroyer
Star Wraith
Surge SS

I am starting to think I need to eliminate one of my distance drivers and replace with a true fairway driver like a Leopard or Tee-Bird.

If I carried any more discs I would be even more confused than I already am. LOL

Rick G
I have to revise my bag. At a tourney last weekend I threw my Surge SS into the lake but then I won a new slightly larger bag in a raffle plus I won $88 in new discs,


I added Champion Viking and a Pro Tee-Bird plus I dug out an old Champion Leopard to play around with.

I am now carrying 12 discs. 2 putters, 2 mids and 8 drivers. The sad part is I still have more room to confuse myself even further.

Rick G
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I carry 15 in my Fade Crunch, but am totally fine when I just take 4-6 discs out in my 'Sac... But since I need to pick 13 for this arbitrary disc limit game;

VP x2 (173M, 173S)
Summit x1 (173F)
Obex x2 (178M, 172M)
Ibex x3 (178M, 169M, 164S)
Ascent x3 (174M, 169F, 169M)
Lace x1 (167M)
Unlace Proto x1 (163M)
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2x Soft Wizard
2x Medium Ridge

1x DX Stingray
1x DX Roc
1X Medium Ibex
1x Star Mako
1x Z Hornet

1x DX Leopard
1x DX Eagle
1x Medium Trak
1x Z Zombee

Basically exactly what I carry now. I've got room for a couple more discs, but I'm pretty happy with what I have for now. This year's Ace Race disc may make the bag, though.
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my normal bag 11 discs

2 zero pures

1 lucid suspect max
2 lucid truths 173g and max
2 tourney underworlds 172g and 180g
1 champ teebird 175g
2 tourney underworlds 167g and a73g
1 GL trident max

might add

1 GL River 170g
1- IDK cant make the 13th useful - Actually 135g Sonic . that is the ****.

13 bam
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2- wizards


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1 SSS Magic
1 Yeti Aviar
1 Pro Rhyno
2 DX Rox
1 KC Whippet
1 Pro Leopard
2 Teebird
2 PD
2 Destroyer

Gives me a little bit of everything. I would miss my Firebird and Gator, but I could definitely make it around the course with this.
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I usually play with 13 discs so this is easy, here are my current 13:

Star T-Rex
Blizzard Boss (seasoned)
Champ Beast
Star Valk (beat)
CFR Jollyrancher Champ Teebird
Star Eagle
CFR Cryztal Buzz
GL Mace
Elite Z Hornet
Champ Panther
S Wizard (seasoned)
SSS Wizard

I'm itching to get a couple new discs but I haven't found one I want to replace yet. Love being happy with my bag.
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