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Soft Anode

GL Fuse
Opto Fuse
Beat ZH Mace
Slightly beat ZH Mace
GL Mace
Opto Mace

Light GL River
Heavy GL River
Heavy Opto River
Proton Volt
Neutron Shock
Air Saint

Holy sh*t. That's practically my bag. (As soon as the P Volts+Opto Maces come in )
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Not too hard, I suppose
1) Star Destroyer
2) Pro Destroyer
3) Climo Tour Series Tern
4) Star Tern
5) MVP Neutron Volt
6) Star Teebird
7) Champ Teebird
8) legacy Icon Patriot
9) Prodigy M2
10) MVP Proton Tangent
11) DGA Breaker
12) Opto Pure
13) Zero Hard Pure

aaaaannnnd done.
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Zero Sinus
Zero Mercy

GL Fuse
Opto Core
GL Mace
Moonshine Verdict

Opto Striker
Lucid Escape

Opto Villain
Opto Halo
Opto Trident
Opto Bolt
VIP Giant
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Thanks, Dad
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1. Star Eagle - X
2. Star Teebird
3. Champ Teebird
4. Opto Diamond
5. Ching Roc
6. Champ Roc3
7. DX Roc
8. KC Pro Roc
9. Texture Ion
10. Neutron Ion
11. D Zone
12. Z Zone
13. Glow Ion in case it gets dark :-p
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Originally Posted by sillybizz View Post
Some have said that the limit should be 14 discs just like Golf(ball) has 14 clubs. I don't think we need to follow that sport as our sport is a lot different.
QFT. Ball golfers don't have to pull three different versions of their 6-iron, one that goes left, one straight, and one right.

I still use my In-Flight bag from 1997 that holds 18 Discs. If I could fit a few more in there, I'd gladly expand my "starting lineup" and bring more of them up from AAA...
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Throwing Style: RHBH
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1.Zero Pure
2.Opto Pure
3.Premium JOKERi
4.DX Roc
5.DX Roc
6.Star Roc
7.DX Teebird
8.DX Teebird
9.Star Teebird
10.Star Wraith
11.Star Wraith
12.Star Wraith
13.Opto XXX

Almost my current bag, missing a buzzz(roc is going to replace anyway), two wraiths(back-ups) and another zero pure(just for warmup).
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Also in golf there is a very small likelihood of losing a club. Noobs like me could lose 2-3 "clubs" a round on certain courses.
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1. Classic Judge
2. Classic Soft Judge
3. Gold Line Fuse
4. Zero Hard Mace
5. Moonshine Verdict
6. VIP Warship
7. VIP Underworld
8. Opto Saint
9. Opto XXX
10. Lucid Renegade
11. Lucid Trespass
12. Opto Villain
13. VIP Sparkle Giant
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Niced 10 Times in 8 Posts

1. Star Wraith
2. Pro Wraith
3. S-PD
4. P-PD
5. Champion Firebird
6. Champion Teebird
7. Champion Leopard
8. Z Wasp
9. DX Roc
10. ESP Comet
11. KC Pro Aviar
12. DX Aviar PnA
13. Super Soft Warlock
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1 VIP Giant
2 Star Beast
3 GL Saint
4 GL River
5 X-XS
6 X-Xpress
7 Champ Mamba
8 Z Wasp
9 Ti Buzzz
10 X Comet
11 D Stratus
12 Opto Core
13 Soft Magnet
That is a little harder than I thought, I am not real happy leaving my XL at home.
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