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Question Any Tips for Playing in the Woods?

I've played about a half dozen different courses. Most are fairly open with a few tight, wooded fairways. I've signed up for my first tourney on 12/19 and it's on a 27-hole course that is all wooded except for +/- 6 holes.

It seems that my game just falls apart once I get into the trees and I could use some advice. Specifically, I could use some help on drives and when an overhead throw would make the most sense. Many thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the sight. You should be able to get some good advice here.

Mine is really simple. Definitely practice your overhand shots. Try using the thumber grip and the two finger "forehand" grip to see the different action on the discs. Be prepared for the unexpected. You just never know what sort of shot you might need to have.
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Only hit the trees on the fairway side of the tree!!! hehehe

Don't throw your drivers and throw softer plastic (maybe even r-pro) because they kindof fold up when they hit the trees and drop down, DX kicks hard off the tree. Use control and play for placement rather than for distance. You may be able to hit the gap on occassion but more often than not going off into the woods will cost you way more than you will lose to just playing smart!
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Default Woods / Trees

when I need a straight shot I have 3 things that help me a lot:

- Throw low. Less chance for fades and turns deep into woods.

- Throw putters and mids off the tee. Less fade into woods also.

- Learn multiple throws. My buddy's have good forehands and used to own me on certain holes. I learned a thumber to give me a nice shot on the right dog-legs.

DON'T LET THE TREES GET INTO YOUR HEAD. You're going to hit some. Some bounces will help you, some will hurt you. don't let it mess up your next shot. Stay calm.

Good luck and enjoy. Woods are great.
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Most people throw too many drivers, especially big drivers like Bosses and Wraiths and the sort. Take the speed 11,12,13 drivers out of the bag and put in midranges and maybe an extra putter, you don't want to be stuck with an upshot that you don't have a disc for. Don't go for crazy shots where you might birdie a hole 1 in 10 or even 1 in 5 tries when you can par it every time, no sense in taking a bogey when you don't have too. Putting the disc in the fairway is much more important than trying to go for distance with tight courses.
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dont throw for the distance alot of times a midrange will do just as good as a driver and also look for hidden lines where no trees are.
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Originally Posted by harr0140 View Post
Use control and play for placement rather than for distance.
I find that a lot of newer players (hell even some longtime players) just haul the disc as far as they can in the general direction of the basket when they drive, might work ok for open courses but in the woods its a sure way to loose strokes. Imo the key to play good on tight courses is placement and control, 200ft straight and on the fairway is better then 400ft into the woods. Use the disc you have the best control with and can predict its flightpath.
About when to use the overhand....
There is no right och wrong time really, if you come up to a shot and think that your overhand has a better chance of landing where you want to go than your backhand/forehand then use it, maybe im just stating the obvious.
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Think placement! Where is the best spot to land, where don't you want to land, is it better to be left, or right, or short, etc. i mean that's true of every hole, open or tight, but if a drive sends you ten ft past into thick brush, it would be better to lay up and take a longer putt.

Preparation: if you can decide before the round how you want to play each hole, instead of being on the tee wondering. Not sure if you know the course or not, or how much chance you'll get to practice.

Like it was said above, better to be in control in the fairway than off into the woods. Birdie opportunity easily becomes bogey...

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forehand is clutch for getting out of trouble, forehand rollers can be amazingly useful even for short shots. ive found that a just so-so roller is often as good as a great air shot without the risk of getting caught up in the trees. the percentage is a lot better.

i played a shorter wooded course this weekend and found that for a lot of shots i didnt want to do a full reach back and wanted to maintain a visual lock on the target throughout the whole shot. i was only throwing at about 50 to 60 percent power because of that and worked on how to control different discs thrown underspeed. it helps with shots that have a lot of trees right off the tee.
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Originally Posted by sillybizz View Post
Take the speed 11,12,13 drivers out of the bag and put in midranges and maybe an extra putter,
I'll 2nd (3rd or 4th really since it has been said several times already) and take that one step further - throw flippy discs with a hyzer release for straight and accurate throws. Also, there will be much less low speed fade with this approach.
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