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Default As a disc breaks in...

I've been playing for a while now, and I've always been of the mindset to just replace a disc once it gets "beat in." Basically, when a desk's flight pattern starts to change, I buy a new one. But here lately, my eyes have seen the glory of cycling different molds for different stabilities. But some questions have entered my mind. I know the rate at which a disc breaks in is dependent upon the plastic type. But is HOW the disc breaks in dependant on the plastic type? Also, as a disc brakes in, what are some general characteristics of it doing so? I.e. more turn, less fade?... Or is that dependent upon the plastic type or mold itself? Thanks in advance.
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plastic and mold. Some lose the HSS but keep the LSS while others lose the LSS before the HSS. Others become very understable regardless, others stay very overstable etc...
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When a disc hits virtually anything, a spot on the edge "knurls over" a little (sometimes NOT so 'little'). This makes the effective parting line (the spot on the disc's edge which an air molecule has to make a decision...do I go OVER the top of the disc or UNDER the bottom of the disc) just a wee lower. And the lower the parting line (all else being equal), the more the disc will NOT hyzer out (the normal rhbh curve to the left at the end of its flight).

Ps: I've NEVER known ANY disc that will become more OVER stable when naturally beat in (yes, one can artificially "tune" or bend a disc "upward" but that won't happen during normal play).
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Originally Posted by Karl View Post

Ps: I've NEVER known ANY disc that will become more OVER stable when naturally beat in (yes, one can artificially "tune" or bend a disc "upward" but that won't happen during normal play).
Yeah, I agree. When I read that I was curious what disc he was talking about, bc I have never heard of one. But he did say STAY overstable, that makes a difference. Firebirds, Max, and similar discs STAY overstable etc.
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Maybe others can share their experience here - mine is that MVP plastic loses some LSS, but largely retains HSS. Seems the same both with Proton and Neutron. Makes me think the hard overmold shared by both is more of a factor. My Innova (and others) stuff loses HSS noticeably first. Some discs, because of their desired flights, become less useful as they wear in, others come to a sweet spot. Dependent again on plastic, that sweet spot can take a long time to get to and stay, or is a passing fancy then goes too far.

If you like cycling discs, depending on how much you play, various plastics do so more quickly. I like Innova Pro for Destroyers as it seems I can get them out farther as they lose a little HSS fairly quickly giving me options. I'd use a premium Champ/Z/Opto/etc where I want a disc to stay as close to new as long as possible.
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Nothing more to add, it's about covered.
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